Star Talk

I had recorded several episodes of Star Talk (hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson) and finally got around to watching them. Admittedly, I was procrastinating big time about this! I found the shows quite entertaining, but let's face it, this is unadulterated "Science evangelism" and "Pseudo-Science bashing". The program's true colors come out in the following episode that features an interview with Penn and Teller and a cameo appearance by Michael Shermer:

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In this episode Tyson also pays homage to "The Amazing Randy" as a champion skeptic.

Around 17 minutes into the show Tyson answers a "random" (but magically related) set of questions from the fan base about skepticism and the limits of skepticism. Tyson literally chokes on the second question. The best thing he can come up with is that too much skepticism is doubting that you have disproved something!

Unfortunately, we are entering a "Dark Age" of Science (and knowledge in general) due to out of control skepticism that suppresses the development of new hypotheses and any interest in testing new ideas, especially those that aren't produced by Academia. We are coming to a point when creative solutions are not pursued and not even recognized when presented by others, because they lie beyond canonized Academic frameworks. University professors are becoming like the monks of the Dark Ages. Thankfully, a few brave souls have used their newfound wealth to essentially by-pass Academia and innovate in spite of it.