Danny Shine and I have been good, personal friends since 2008, when I moved back to London, after closing down my NGO back home in Washington, DC ( The Infinity Society ). You may know about him already: he became famous for holding a sign that read "EVERYTHING IS OK" at various points throughout downtown London ( Speaker's Corner at Hyde Park, Camden, Covent Garden etc.). He became even more famous when he was the better part of the two-man act: The Love Police, with Charlie Veitch. Charlie has his own complex reality to deal with (this is not about him now). The two used Megaphones and Hugs to make various statements about society and the system(s).

Now Danny has come to the realisation that he has to make a valiant stand in defence of our most essential Freedoms! Especially here in these Islands that gave birth to The Majestic Magna Carta, to Shakes His Spear ( whoever he or she or them really was/were ), to Charles Dickens, to George Orwell and to Danny Shine himself! And he needs all our support on this. The USA has a Constitutional protection for Freedom of Speech/Expression, albeit it too has seen neglect and abuse lately! The UK's laws are deficient. I may not agree with everything Danny thinks, says and expresses, but I will defend his right to do so in a peaceful, sensible and fair manner. And though the electronic crackling of a megaphone is rather unpleasant; the fact that corporations have the overwhelming advantage in getting their messages out should make us all cringe and want to protect Danny's and all of our's rights! So I kindly ask all of you to take a look at his Indiegogo page and consider giving generously to his most noble project:

Here are some recent MESS Media reports on this most important and urgent matter:

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JP Fenyo, The Legendary Original ( first ever ) NYC Free Advice Man...written-up in The New Yorker of Aug. 17, 1987... a contemporary among such greats as Jean-Michel Basquiat ( a friendly acquaintance with whom I shared some hours chatting with at various encounters ), Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, etc.