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Julie Beischel
On Friday, March 21, 2014, I'll be giving the keynote address at the Exploring the...
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Julie Beischel
A new journal article and a new book for your reading enjoyment...Journal Article:"...
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Gary Lachman
The following is an excerpt from my new book, The Caretakers of the Cosmos: Living Responsibly...
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Julie Beischel
I'm not psychic. I would never claim to be. The following is just a personal experience I had....
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Julie Beischel
Every day, people are receiving readings from psychic mediums in order to hear from their deceased...

Story Spotlight

UFO Typology Chart 1967

Next time the Pleiadeans land in your backyard, use this handy chart (created in 1967) to identify their craft type and previous visits.

(via Bruce Sterling)


Daily News Scan

(Posted by red pill junkie on Thursday, April 24th)

This is your brain.
This is your brain on TDG.
Any questions?

Thanks to the Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss

Quote of the Day:

“Nobody can have your psychedelic experience for you; you just have to screw your courage up and raise the cup to your lips or smoke the pipe or whatever it is and face what’s in there.”

~ Dennis McKenna

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