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The Edge 2008

Settle down Rick, I'm not talking about the enormously gifted guitarist for that Irish band. Once again, The Edge Foundation has released its annual 'World Ques...
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Free July Sci-Am

A quick note that the team at Scientific American are offering their July issue free of charge as a PDF file, but only until this Saturday (30th June). Definite...
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Nefertiti Bust-up

Hell hath no fury like a Hawass scorned. A cultural stoush is developing between Egypt and Germany in the wake of an announcement by Germany's Egypt Museum that...
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Top Stories of 2006

A final look back at the year that was, before we plunge headfirst into the latest instalment... Archaeology.org have their Top Ten Discoveries of 2006. Nat...
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The Edge on Optimism

No, not the guitar player originally known as Dave Evans. The Edge Foundation have published their now famous 'big question', and the answers to that question f...
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Dawkins and Darwin

There are certainly aspects of Richard Dawkins' opinions that I object strongly to, in particular his intolerance of anyone who doesn't agree with his thoughts ...