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Straight Science

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Single-Celled Wonder

From the 'things that make you go hmmmm" department: behold the sand-grain house built by Difflugia coronata, a single-celled amoeba with no nervous system: ...
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Tesseract Love

I love these things...there's something about them that I relate to the "self-transforming" aspects of another strange space. Watch as a four-dimensional object...
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Volcano Anniversary

30 years ago, Mount St. Helens erupted with catastrophic results, killing 57 people. The event was caught on camera, and the famous images are awe-inspiring...m...
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Misty-Eyed Gorillas

Conservationist Damian Aspinall raised Kwibi, a lowland gorilla, at Howletts Wild Animal Park in England. When Kwibi was five, he was released into the forests...