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Google Analysis

Just as a heads-up to readers - I have enabled Google Analytics on the site, to get a better idea of what people are enjoying, where they are coming from etc., ...
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Back in Black

For those who have problems with the white background version of the Grail, I've finally put together a workable version of a dark-background theme. It's still ...
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Some Grail Upgrades

Had a few minutes downtime tonight, as I implemented a number of changes to the look of the site, and also some new queries to the database (e.g. at the bottom ...
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Anonymous Commenting

Apologies for the slowness of updates to the site lately, I'm rather snowed under with various projects. To try and help with the pace of the site, I am now all...
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Welcome to TDG 2009

You must have taken the Red Pill, because you've ended up at the new Daily Grail (2009 version). Take a few deep breaths, and I'll explain things a little. In c...