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Hidden History

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The official website for Talisman, the new book by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, has been updated with the addition of a review by well-known author Colin W...
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Lomas AOM at GHHQ

The website of author Robert Lomas has been updated with a couple of notifications. Firstly, that Robert will be Author of the Month for July at Graham Hancock...
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Oak Island Proposal

A new plan for solving the Oak Island mystery has been proposed, and investors are being sought to back the expedition. As many know, the major hurdle thus far...
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Nostradamus the Thief

The website of alternative researcher Filip Coppens has been updated with a new article on the famous seer Nostradamus. Titled "Wanted for Theft: Nostradamus", ...
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Talisman Delays

Robert Bauval has posted plenty of messages on the Talisman Bulletin Board since the book launch last week. Among the messages is a warning that Penguin Books ...
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Biblical Code

The website of the Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS) - publishers of Biblical Archaeology Review - has a critical review of Dan Brown's THE DAVINCI CODE posted...