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Hidden History

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Da Vinci Lawsuit?

This morning's edition of The Australian newspaper has a small piece suggesting that the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail (Amazon US and UK) are preparing to s...
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Schoching Poll

The old poll seemed to be stagnating a little, so I've changed the topic (although not the location). Four in ten people thought the next pyramid robot would j...
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Marrying Magdalene

I've just added a new feature article to the site, a guest editorial from author Charles Pope. A change of pace from my fixation with consciousness studies, Ch...
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Megaliths and Egypt

Filip Coppens continues to update his website with regular essays, and so readers looking for engaging articles might want to check out the latest additions. F...
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Nazca and Planes

The regular addition of feature material has continued at the website of author/researcher Filip Coppens. Over the past couple of weeks, two new articles have ...
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Cosmic Sphinx

In case you missed it, there's been an ongoing discussion about the 'age of the Sphinx' debate on Alan Boyle's "Cosmic Log" (a website that really should be a d...