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What Do You Think About the Dogon & UFOs?


This text was sent to me and I was told I could reprint it. Also there are some links to it for some video to watch on YouTube – it is a documentary about some UFO sightings and the Dogon tribe.
There are pictures to be seen of the supposed alien that was photographed with a Polaroid camera by the fellow who encountered it 2 different times, the last time being in 1993.
SO, after going to the site with the text and looking also at the photos and then the videos – part one and part two – What do you think? Real of Not?

I have inserted the proper links below too in his paper – they are the same as the ones listed below, just in context.

Hope you enjoy this.


Text Story

Pictures to See

Dogon Part One Video

Dogon Part Two Video

Occupants Listings

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Dear Dr. Dowell

I was intrigued by the possible parallels between the “alien” beings described in the Caponi Italy 1993 / Varginha Brazil 1996 cases and the amphibian beings described in various mythologies, e.g.

1/ the “Nommos” of African tribe Dogon in Mali. The word Nommos is derived from a Dogon word meaning, “to make one drink,” The Nommos are usually described as amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures. Folk art depictions of the Nommos show creatures with humanoid upper torsos, legs/feet, and a fish-like lower torso and tail.

2/ the pre-Sharun cultures of modern day Iraq contacts with amphibious being known as Oannes (ref: works of Berossus, a priest who was the first person known to have collected those fertile crescent encounter stories in his Babyloniaka, a history of Babylon).

A few days ago, I stumbled upon Youtube’s clip of a (spanish production?) documentary on greek TV about the Dogons, which unfortunately was broadcast translated, rather than subtitled (which tends to cause further distortion). In that documentary, there is info about the Nommos, which e.g. describe the Nommos having red eyes, three fingers and breathe through a place in (our) stomach area.

Dogon Part One Video

Dogon Part Two Video

Look at the Caponi story & pictures at
Text Story

Pictures to See

Notice the place the “tubes” go in is in the stomach area.

Notice things which suggest the Caponi-being desires water, as Caponi’s testimony suggests:

“The being had always appeared with gauze around the legs, and something similar to leather on its back, but this time it did not wear its covering anymore, but appeared with two tubes on the thorax that seemed to slightly move under its skin, like from air or liquid pressure, or some fluid, I don’t know, maybe for its respiration. The small tubes both moved rhythmically. And an other important thing: I was convinced that the body was wet, it drained water, it dripped. But not much. From its head, water passed beside the eyes like some sweat. I want to emphasize that that evening my sister had also heard the noises, on the small terrace of our house, where my father had two drums in which he put water for watering the flowers. We have thought that perhaps it had gone to bathe itself. The drums were supposed to be full, but instead one was half empty. Maybe during the night, it had “undressed”, dipped in a drum, washed, and jumped from the terrace, producing the noise of a jump in water that my sister heard.”

Also, apparently the Caponi being is wearing a jumpsuit and “helmet” in all but the last photo. The only time when it’s seen without its “coveralls/jumpsuit” was on 20-Sep-1993 which was a rainy night.

The Varginha case witnesses talk about “oily (wet/glistering?) brown skin”, “very small hands with three fingers”, “huge veins running down its neck” (perhaps the tubes seen in Caponi’s photos?). There is a different in the description of length of arms and legs, but the being seen by the 3 girls at Varginha was seen in “kneeling” position (which incidentally is also how Caponi’s sketch depicts it).

American medical doctor Dr. Roger Leir traveled to Brazil in 2003 and interviewed a Varginha doctor who said he examined one of the aliens. The physician observed “reticulated skin,” which though smooth, showed the outlines of scales, as well as a “claw-like appendage,” Leir recounted (src: C2C interviews on 29-Aug-2004 and 22-May-2005). My Question: would this “claw-like appendage” be at the lower limb / “thigh” area? (see pic)

There are many Web pages on the Caponi and Varginha cases, I list several sources in my UFO-occupants page at
Occupants Listings

Please feel free to forward/share/re-mix this to anyone.

Regards from Greece,