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So, scenario is this. A friend long time close buddy, always depressed, always just in so so mood, you are always picking up the pieces to their life in hopes it will make a difference, you cheer them on everyday, you write positive notes in reply to their negative ones, you give of yourself constantly and rescue, no no no , they try to manipulate you further, guilt trip you, you are not giving enough of your sefl, but you are giving all you got and you have always, you are burned out from constant emotions that reek of hell and drama and you speak your words of console and take on teh extra work to ease the burden of your fried thinking that it will hepl, years go by, this person claims they have a mental disorder and have all of their life, they have never taken any medication to see if it would work and help them, they say no, they want to do it naturally, of course they fail as they are unable to complete a task, so you change course with them and suggest something else, but they give you their reason why it won’t work before they have even tried it, this continues day after day, you are worn out, they beat you down and do not allow you to not take a break with out telling you that you do not care, but they fail to see your daily efforts, you carry their weight and are silent about it, you do not draw attention to their lack of contributio to their own life, they lack the ability to want to care for themselves, then they want you to be like them, they claim you are when you know precisley you are not, they want to die because they feel no love in their life and claim they have always been denied love and have been alone, they do not see color in the world, they can only see black and white, you show them bursting bright reds and yellows and they claim you have shown them nothing, they want to die, and want you to die with them as they are alone in death as well, you try all you can and nothing works, they bathe themselves in sorrow and wantto have a sorrow poor me provoking arguement of why they are right about not taking medications as it will amke them even more depressed and then they might really kill themselves, but they say they will do it anyway if they are not on meds, but they complain and whine and you are looking at them with grief and despair and help help help and your life is then consumed with trying to always salvage soemthing good out of something bad, but, they see no good in anything, and then have a false illusion about themself and turn low self esteem into important granduer and delusions of grandiose order, you try to get them to see some perspective, they are unwilling as they say change is not capable, you are left with wondering what in teh hell am I doing this for as you are never thanked for your efforts. YOur battery is drained and all energy is being sucked up by the other just to survive another day to complain and want to die anyway. What do you do? Do you walk away and let the person fend for themself and if they knock themself off well so be it or do you get them committed, is it your rignt to step in and help when it is thier life?If they continually guilt trip you into not leaving or they will die they need you to take care of them but they do not want to care for themself, are you responsivle to continue to care for them? Is it spiritually ethical to walk away and put your needs first or is that selfish, or is it selfish of the other person to constatnly demand attention even when you ahve no more to give and what you do give is not akcnowleged, what do you do? Is some one taking their own life so bad if they are so miserable anyway and your time and life is spent trying to keep them from not killing themself>? WHat do you do? DO you let them have free will and use thier own judegment as in what they think of their life really is their right to think anyway, so, again, what about the ethics of allowing a perosn to think that aobut themself. If they are truly unhappy and never have joy and no joy is ever welcomed as that means they might be improving and they do not want to improve as it means they no longer get the attention they seek, or is it they are incapable of grasping improvement and what a happy life is with out paranoia and grief, I mean, crap, I could go on and on,but by now i think who ever is reading this is catching my drift I hope. I have many more thoughts, but, I feel I have listed enough to ask the question, what do you do with someone when they constantly want to commit suicide? Do you allow them free will or do you stick them in a looney bin (oh God I would hate to be in one of those then I would want to die myslef) do you take their free will away or do you walk away and leave them with love and light and await the out come? What? I am at a loss here. I am nerved out and feel I need soem input from the people I am close to, which is the Grail, I have no others I feel that would understand what I am trying to convey as there is mcuh to do about spirit and souls and karma and free will, co dependency, all of that that we here on the Grail understand.