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I sometimes think about how everything has its own signature – this can be read through vibrations of sorts – of all kinds. What if there is a common vibration form that binds and connects us all? Even the so called inanimate objects. That these signal or ????? are out there and waving about – like a radio ( this scenario has been used before ) – but humans and other entities can communicate via these transmissions – precognition can be the ability to log on to the wave before it is to “happen” in its own time in way of the swirling vibrations around it. Like a person can cue in on it, receive it – that objects transmit their own signals and communicate or events in “time” and they too have some sense of knowingness in their own way.

When I speak of removing myself while working on a client (from other post) with my hands for massage or what ever – I mean, that I remove my thoughts – what I think about the situation and make room in the circuitry to allow the other vibration form or signal to come through as if there are two processes of energy, me being one, the healing force being the other and I need to get out of the way to allow it to reveal itself and have the room to maneuver around and transmit to the other person. I find that when I think I am not as able to just be free and allow the “other” (whatever it is) to come through. Clients can feel the energy – even at times there is an electric feeling, a spark (but not like static when you rub on a carpet and such and than touch some one and whammy , a lightning bolt) …..The body is electrical and also filled with soundwaves – there are many wave forms meshing within our bodies and also going straight through our bodies like radio waves, television, cell phones and such. I think these outside artificial waves are very harmful to our natural lives and abilities.

There is an epidemic of fibromyalgia now in the USA – I do not know about the rest of the world. I was diagnosed with it in 97 – after many summers in the fields of England under hi power lines – also I was exposed to lots of pesticides and such. Fibro was rare back then, and I had read about it and brought it up to the other doctors that I may have it due to my symptoms (it is hard to diagnose) —-Now, it seems like lots of people have it – there is actually no pharmaceutical to cure it, there is a med out there they are advertising for use for treatment of the symptoms, but it is really a seizure medicine – researchers do not understand the mechanism in which it works , except for it blocks this and that and (I forget the names) – I manage with herbs and pain management. But, what is causing this epidemic? The nuero signals are not shutting off that screaming pain. Light can cause pain , sound, slight vibrations and what not. There are vibrations all around us interfering with us – some, the natural ones are good – those are the ones that I think we tap into when we have Deja Vu type things or paranormal type events (beyond Demons and Satan – I am not talking about that sort of thing) ….poltergiest stuff does not have to be evil – in most cases it has been very positive.

I feel that they Universe is filled with various signals and transmissions. Between all of them there MUST be a common link that connects us; if there was not, how could it be that we can read or recognize some signals or information that arrives in our brains and is able to interpret it? Whales and dolphins, various animals are known to be able to use their brains to project wave forms of sorts to bounce back to them and create images in their minds – sound waves what ever – these animals/ entities are able to transcend the 3 dimensional world and comprehend other vibrations. They are dependent on this ability and this is how they communicate too on some level and find their food…….in other ways – we have all heard about the Whales beaching and seals, groups of animals that just go nuts or get ill for no apparent physical reason. There is the Bee Hive mentality too –

A matrix of vibrations would create form, in this form there can be what we understand as information (all kinds of different info). The particular intersection of waves in phase or out create a mesh, the mesh at its knots/intersection can be maybe the pockets of events and what we know as specific time events or group thoughts – lots of info in a “pocket” depending on what the pocket is comprised of. Time was once measured by length, the amount of length traveled and measured in units. This has all changed now too. I had written a paper on plotting three dimensional wave / particle forms and geometry that shown how the Speed of Light could not possibly be fixed – I remember about a year later or so, scientists came out with a statement that they did not think that the speed of light was fixed – —– Think about it, it can’t be, as it is traveling through various fields of vibrations (the particles and frequency of waves) – some being denser than others. It is in the denser fields that light would travel slower and in less dense fields be able to speed up as there is less friction and mass to travel through….I mean, come on, it is pretty simple if you think about it……so, all I want to express is that I think that there could be a common vibration that occurs that carries information – now where the vibration originates from is another thought as in maybe that is where the concept of God comes into or the Big Bang Theory et al……

I got some shots today of the stone outside, tomorrow in the light of my room down here, I would like to photograph the picture on the wall. But, I do not know how to post pics here with out having to post on my magazine and then posting a link. Is there any way to post a pic on these posts?

The bit on the “Speed of Light” I brought up to show that what scientists use to think is not really true all of the time and if a little girl like me can figure it out – hey I am no Einstein here – then why for so long was it held as a set and common physics theory as a constant???—— a rule that is not broken????……I think “they” knew it was variable long before they announced it. I still have the paper with the illustrations, I did it with pencil and pen one night while doodleling with numbers and ratios/geometry……