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My colleague, Gerold Schelm, has just received written confirmation from the one surviving member of the duo authors who wrote “Thin Air”, that the characters created in the story were entirely fictional. Why would I post this now? Because one of the myths that Al Bielek created was that he KNEW that certain scientists were involved in the Philadelphia Experiment; he names them and says when they participated and where….and it all sounds terrific except for the small detail that he is quoting from the fictional novel “Thin Air”.

Read the update yourself over here:


To date, our joint efforts are the only serious challenge/debunking effort on the entire internet which, even before this new information, adequately put to bed and buried the fabrications of Al Bielek. Although confronted with our report, Al refuses to accept that his story is a fable. With this final piece of the puzzle in place, all that we can do is accept that if Bielek does not accept responsibility for creating a mythological telling of a mysterious scientific story, then we should recognize that he is not mentally well. We have done more than enough to show in verifiable detail that his stories are made up.

From our part, Gerold and I continue the slow process of investigating the Philadelphia Experiment.