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Humation from the catalyst of:

The Research Institute for a Benevolent Earth – TRIBE

To be used as a means to assist nations to build

a new Humation…Souls in Coherency!

The institutional purpose of TRIBE will be to develop methods, procedures, vehicles, media, communications, products, services, and various moral means to manifest through past, present, and future technologies, a new form of human being who is altruistic and informed with universal wisdom issued out of Timelessness. Its purpose will also be to help amplify the mental development of humanity toward a higher plane or structural order to specifically target those who are directed by a quest for understanding and consciousness – expansion, pointed at self transcendence. It will serve to enlist the reason of present cultures in an attempt to assist all in their journeys to overcome fear and arrive at an attitude of universal benevolence through wisdom. It will serve to unite fields and professions of high discipline through interconnections of relatedness toward coherency. The Unity of Human mentality is our goal through the issuance of individual effort and creativity.

THE MISSION: The Research Institute intends to work expeditiously toward the above ends through present cultural systems, religions, governments, and businesses. Amplification will only progress from the already present psychological being. The RI is an animator and a catalyst for all entities in need of humane help. There is no beholding agenda. Multisensory interfacing, broadcasting, and extrapolation of human potential for altruistic benefits must always be strictly followed. The act of “Judgment” must be encouraged for the “risk takers” qualified for the asking for judgment. Expansive truths will be encouraged and sought in all dialogue. Humanity must be allowed its natural course without the hindrance of the Power Vehicle of Violence. Reason and Coherency are the keys played through conservative conflict resolution methodology.


• Influence altruistic behavior and conceptualization toward all cultures at proper levels and within specific margins of success.

• Communicate deeper foundation of knowledge through new methods and proven techniques that stress amplification of human will through simulation multimedia and technology.

• Design and develop products and services of relevance toward interconnectedness within the scope of universal understandings of “self and other” in balance toward Essence and Universal knowing.

• Compile case histories and research databases for holistic demographics/psychographic evaluation of world populations in flux.

• Develop pure, universal awareness through events development via media, publications, special events, cinema, videos, virtual realities, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and other forms of presentational, entertainment, informational forums (Moiré Arena Project).

• Work from a point of leading-edge technology in and from all disciplines.

• Encourage multi-talented and interdisciplinary capabilities among all members of the working teams employed by TRIBE in order that “feedback looping” will be a constant backup to specialists and professionals, thus allowing projects to always continue without interruptions or failures.

• Address the total spectrum of ancient cultures through support for projects of archaeological importance as well as anthropological reinforcement to seek the source of their knowledge.


• Development of very large theme parks and institutions for educational and archaeological development established worldwide.

• Unite all sciences into a new paradigm that addresses the truths of human existence and being within the contexts of dimensional consciousness or to cause science to develop the PRIMARY Technological foundations for future potential developments in space and on other planets.

• Communicate to all audiences in a soft-entry manner (mode) as to avoid emotional fear techniques of manipulation and always leverage from truths.

• Start the Moiré Arena Project.

DEFINE THE MOIRE ARENA PROJECT: Such a project will leverage from Virtual Reality into a holosprited or Moiré Arena field of the electromagnetic spectrum to explore new worlds (inner and outer). Such a state is the gestalt environment of all our perceptual existences. The spectrum is like an atmosphere or aura for all of what we physically experience. It is the events realm of localized life states. Therefore, the RI would wish to address the totality of such an arena to all be-manship. This project or campaign will strive to amplify the knowledge and understanding of fellow humans so that they may evolve toward higher-ordered thinking or what some call a venture into a Phase II civilization.