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Last time I posted I mentioned that my dear friend passed on – that was John Michell – we worked on numbers, geometry and standing stones together (crop circles too were fun in the hey day because of the geometry, pints of cider and radical conversations).

Now, I have been posting on the Grail for a long time now, some posters are gone, there are new ones now, but I see there are still some of my buddies still hanging out – that is good as they will remember some of my posts about paranormal events that have happened in my life.

So, I do not know what to think about this – first I would like to hear what others think about as in – Do physical objects other than what we call live as in blood, guts, cells, all of that vs. rocks ( which do have life really ) glass, plastic and so forth – do you think it is possible for other entities other than “live” matter have consciousness? Some form of being and thought process – knowingness – a life of their own? It has been shown that plants understand and many organisms……(Peter Tompkins and Christopher Byrd)

My story is as follows and I think about it as I am still grieving over John.

The evening before Solstice Day while playing in my garden – I was at my standing stone and praying about John. I was planning on Solstice day to use my compass, rod and marker and measure the Sun’s shadow like I normally do on seasonal and celestial events and do my thing …..Solstice Day I went out and my large standing stone that is my Solstice stone, well it was still standing but the stones that were behind it that hold it up were toppled over. This freaked me out. I thought of John and Gerald Hawkins ( Gerald my adopted father, he wrote the book Stonehenge Decoded – he was an astronomer and friends with John Michell) I was very close to these men – (Gerald passed in 2003 and I was having poltergeist type experiences in my home & other places ( weird sh8t – in 2005 things got stronger and flying books and all – later these flying books were witnessed at a book signing at Malaprops here in Asheville). Anyway – I am in the grieving period still – I have been writing and looking at pictures of us – just reflecting and dealing with my feelings and loss. I had talked to the fellow who picks up my garbage in the woods here to the recycle bin about droppings I had found that were near my drive way – they have large berry seeds in them, more like wild cherries and he said they were bear droppings. I have had bear here before in my drive way (I really live the woods). I began to think it was a bear that toppled my stones (these are huge large stones though) Owen my garbage man told me it could have been a bear – they like to stand on stones. Well, OK, I accepted that and then told myself there are some mysteries that can be explained. However, I will never get those stones back up like they were. ( maybe I will take pics of what happened because too, there is a hand inscribed on the large stone from the claw that picked it up off the original ground for transport to my field that looks like the “Hand of God”; a symbol that Oliver Lodge used in his writings about reincarnation. (Gerald educated me on methodology about many things – we studied paranormal events together and documented many things – he was more than an astronomer; he was even into doing the geometry with me while I surveyed the crop circles in the late 80s early 90s) Anyway again………….this standing stone and surrounding stones are very very special to me. Well the other day after writing about John, I noticed that my picture of my Solstice stone that hangs here on the wall near my computer downstairs here has fallen off the wall and the frame is broken, but the glass is not, and the picture is hanging on end on an old antique Bible set up against the wall with a few other books- (it opened the Bible up my means of my computer speaker getting bumped and jamming into it and opening up the book to a page) I do not know what page yet (to read and see what it is about) as I have not moved the picture yet – I want to take a photograph of it first before I put it all back together. But what I find so weird is that my standing stone has broken apart the night before the Solstice ( because it was there the night before – so it was during the night) and the picture I have of it is now broken and such…..a few pictures of me on the wall are tilted at the same angles as each other as well (one of me on top of Silbury Hill – back in 1993, and the other one I am underwater with my hands floating up like an Angel towards the sky with my snorkel mask on) —-the other photographs and certificates on my wall are still straight, only the pictures of me are highly tilted and my standing stone pic broken and off the wall. Now, that has freaked me out as that happen after I wrote that little journal on me and John and sent out an email about him to another fellow…..

I ask now, do stones and pictures have some form of brains, consciousness ???? And did my mind interact with them to create these events? Are they just coincidental? Is John reaching out to me? What? I have many thoughts about this. If I did not have a history of paranormal events in my life I would not recognize the connection maybe – but things have moved around my home before throughout my life, crystal moves, art pieces move, books fly off book cases, at other places too when I am around but they are usually related to a person on my mind or close to me. So, any thoughts about this?

I came here to write about this as I can’t stop thinking about it at times as I see it when I am down here working and have not fixed it yet, and very day I am outside in my garden I see my standing stone and what happened and then I think of John – Gerald too – Both John and Gerald gave much of their life studying and researching standing stones, Nazca Lines and other anomalies. Gerald and John are really the later pioneers of archaeo-astronomy in the 20th century along with Alexander Thoms whom are the predecessors of Petrie and Norman Lockyear; who researched along the lines of astronomy and archaeology as well (besides the true ancient people who built such structures). Few have followed truthfully their findings to understand the ancients and their vast knowledge without sensationalism or just to sell books. Most authors writing about ancient sites now do not even know of these magnanimous men.

So, any one with some thoughts out there? I want to photograph these things and maybe pop them up on Circular Times — If I can get it together to do it I will and eventually post the links at another time to them and you can see what I am talking about….but for now, I would appreciate to just hear some thoughts about this. I am open minded – however I am a healthy skeptic so I do not get too weird (yeah right – weird things just happen to me;) 😉 ;). Remember I research this stuff because it happens to me, so I am looking for truths; not sci – fi ramblings. I would appreciate comments that are thoughtful and in perspective please.

Thanks bunches,
Colette Dowell XXX