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A spiral UFO was reported by people from three Australian states (Queensland, NSW, and Victoria) this morning. Considering the time it was reported (around 5am), the usual skeptics will be scoffing that it was Venus; ignoring the fact that it was seen moving west and was ‘spiralling’. I think we can rule out a hoax styled on the Norway spiral, as there were multiple reports across three different states. Whether the UFO was moving from the east towards the west, I don’t know — if we learn which direction people in Queensland (northeast), NSW (central east) and Victoria (southeast) saw the UFO, we could estimate where the UFO was traveling.

Reports from Queensland have just been posted (this link has video of the spiral), with an artist’s impression of the spiral UFO as described by a witness:

[quote=Courier Mail]Witnesses in southeast Queensland reported watching a ball of light move across the sky for up to five minutes at about 5.50am on Saturday.

“It was a perfect spiral of light,” one Redcliffe witness told The Sunday Mail.

“I realised soon it was not the moon but that it was shooting like a comet from the southern sky and off into the northwest.”[/quote]

A possible explanation has been posted to the YouTube video:

[quote=CV8005]Ok, just found out that the Falcon 9 rocket was launced out of Cape Canaveral Florida at 2:45pm (5:29am AEST). This would explain seeing this light approx 20 min later on the other side of the world![/quote]

The distance from Brisbane Australia to Florida USA is almost 10’000 miles, so is it possible to see a rocket launch from this distance, and would it be a spiral? Considering witnesses spanned the entire east side of Australia, from Queensland to Victoria, this could be a likely explanation. The timing is right, Falcon 9 launching around 4:45am Australian time. It all depends on the exact times people saw the spiral, because if the UFO was observed earlier, then this theory crashes. What do you think?