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For some years now I have had the following idea regarding the form our universe takes, allowing both finite and infinite possibilities.

Throughout history children have been taught complex ideas through play, toys, rhymes, etc. The Russian Doll is similar to the Chinese Boxes, and this shows how space can incorporate other objects within itself. One doll is inside another doll, inside another doll, etc. This happens because each of the dolls are in proportion-exact ratio to the others. One may be smaller in size, having different measurements, but when the measurements are calculated against each other they are in the same ratio.

I believe our universe is but one inside another universe of a larger size but in the same ratio/proportion to our own.

This allows a finite universe but the actual number of universes outside our own is infinite. The same applies within our universe. There are smaller, forms which when looked at under a microscope are brand new worlds and dimensions. There is, I believe, a barrier between the two, which is why so much that occurs within the quantum spectrum doesn’t quite fit with ours. The barrier is a form of tolerance area where things can move a little but are stopped from damaging each other irreperably. The other smaller, proportioned space world can operate slightly differently to ours but must do so within the boundaries that are allowed within the proportion/ratio limits.

This is how a Russian doll can be pink faced on one, blue faced on another, have a pattern on another, but still be part of the same ratio/proportion and fit in nicely within the same space. Could that space called a black hole actually be another universe? We’ll probably never know.

Nothing is quite what we have been told, but then not everything is understood by science.

Our own bodies are a form of universe within this universe. Can you say exactly how your body is operating in every part of its being? Scientists still don’t understand all that happens in our bodies but these things happen.

What do you all think?