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Red Pill Matrix and Tumuli


I now understand the bit with the Red Pill here…….My friend brought over the movie the Matrix. Wow – I have since bought it. Yeah, for sure, I see how Artificial Intelligence could do something like that, take over and breed humans, make us slaves for our energy – but, isn’t that what is happening in real life anyway? But humans are doing it to humans ( or are they?) …..weird. I now understand Red’s name and Greg’s Red Pill —- as opposed to Alice in Wonderland……I Loved that movie……I also liked it when that Wizard guy (‘Agent’ type dude) said that he figured Humans were not mammals as they destroy their surroundings and are not like other mammals as such…..I use to speak about how animals were conscious and humans were the unconscious ones as animals did not mess with their boundaries and negatively interact with nature – well, long time ago already when I use to lecture, but the theme was the same in a sense about how we humans alter and destroy in an artificial way….it is getting worse. China’s water – OMG – from all of the computers and monitors getting torn apart for recycle – ouch……saw a program on 60 minutes about that.

I feel bad about what is happening globally. I have been planting my garden, there has been much climate freakiness and lots of work watching the weather. At least we are not in drought this year (yet) but we are having tremendous rains – flash floods and tornadoes – lots of devastation here in the Carolinas. My upper pastures flood down to my front yard and there is a big wash happening- erosion and all…..fighting Mother Nature to keep my crops and I am trying to be nice to the Deer, but I am fighting with them now to keep away from my crops as well…….It seems there is so much chaos in nature right now. There is no equilibrium. There is no equilibrium in our reality of consumer and economy, world crap and bad faith.

Iran, that is good though the “new generation” as they call it is rebelling – but I question if the US of A is going to war with Iran? What if we bomb them when they are trying to get their act together – would that not be weird too? Wow things are screwed up.

Anyway – good news –

There is a new ancient site that was found in England, I do not know if it has been posted here, but 15 miles near Stonehenge, via looking like Crop Circles, ( but are not) aerial photographs showed up tumuli and such……One thousand years older than Stonehenge they are thought to be.

I forget how to do the clean link bit, but here is the link I was sent to – It is on National Geographic. Also, interesting article about the lake and shoreline on Mars on NG.


I have been laying low – still mending – in ways doing much better………I have been having strange dreams again, and they have been precognitive. Small things, but, Deja Vu ish if you understand what I mean. I feel that I am getting back in touch with the real me. I would like to say I am sorry for not keeping in touch like I use to, but I am withdrawn.

Oh, my dear friend John Michell passed away – don’t know if any one posted that…Hope some one did….I updated on the front page of Circular Times — http://www.circulartimes.org or
http://www.circulartimes.net — and placed his pic of there too…..and his “Confessions of a Radical Traditionalist.” He was a very eccentric and intelligent man – sweet and endearing, he made a positive difference in my life and for the world of archaeo-astronomy.

Kat – sorry, I have not been writing to any one – please do not take it personally that I have been out of touch. No one please, I have just been picking up the pieces to my life and re-sculpturing it to make it appropriate for who I am at this phase of my life. I miss the times when I would just bounce on the computer and post my thoughts on the Grail – the Grail helped me very much……I hope I have contributed to it in the past as much as it has contributed to my life. I am glad that when I come here, it is still up.