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I read with interest the recent articles posted on this site regarding teleportation of information using an arcane quantum process. Now, I dont pretend to understand the whole physics behind it, but then again I dont understand the whole physics behind a microprocessor either and I am happily posting this blog.

However, I do understand enough to ask two basic questions: is this teleportation truly instantaneous and is distance any object? The physics I have read on quantum spin seems to suggest the answers are Yes and No, respectively. If so, we dont need to be able to teleport Crocodile Dundee off planet to find uses for this innovation because effectively what we have here is a faster-than-light radio or TV or data sender over interstellar distances. How many uses can you think of for something like that?

It is even interception-proof as well! DARPA must be awake nights right now dreaming of secure and instant datanets which cover the world and beyond with no time lag. NASA must be revising the plans for the next Mars probe and burning midnight oil to do it. The guys with the big satellite and cable franchises are looking for razor blades and Loudon Wainright III CDs. Bill Gates is already figuring how to make sure the new generation of computers this will spawn still run Windows. How many applications can YOU think of in an idle 5 minutes? Post them here.