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I have read a book by a US professor, Dan Ariely, entitled “Predictably Irrational”.

Its main premise is that human beings have two different sets of values: social and economic, and the way we respond depends upon which set of values we use.

If we are asked to carry out a task for purely social reasons we usually complete it to a higher standard than if money or some sort of cost is involved. All the experiments mentioned in the book were carried out adequately but those which included the money gave poorer results.

He did many experiments with a variety of other colleagues and different students at a number of universities, and the results appeared to show that we do a better job when we do so for free than when we are given a financial reward.

Overf the years I have watched as society has put a price on more and more social areas of our lives and this has reduced the standard of work/support given. No wonder so many people are refusing to help unless there is a financial reward. The morality of society has been compremised in my mind by the determination to pay for things rather than barter or do things for ourselves for free.

I suggest you read this book if you can and then look around you and see whether or not my view is right.