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The narcissist as pathological liar.

It is now apparent that when one runs for office, we should have them tested for how many white cells they have in their brains as compared to grey matter, then we will know if they should be trusted in office. Apparently if one positions as a narcissist as most Liberals are, then they are hiding information that would tell us who they really are. Most people who lie are extremely selfish and lie to maintain their position in life. Others do not have a clue as to why someone would lie to them…they tell the truth all the time and are totally taken aback by the other’s false claims.

In school we can recall the students who lied all the time to make it through life. The dog always ate the homework. They invented very creative and colorful means to pass on a lie. When something happened that was wrong, they pointed to others and called them liars. They created problems with others and said things that were not true just to take the heat off of them. Many resorted to slang and cute verbiage like…blow it out your….whatever. They usually put others down with jokes to make it seem that they were intellectually superior, when in essence, they were sick with excessive white brain cells. Our future Liberals. One thing for sure, this new research will soon give us an edge on pathological liars. You will know them by their white brain cells.

This sounds like me when I was a democrat…thank God I started drinking my V-8. It makes more grey matter (that could be a lie).

see: http://www.paktribune.com/news/index.php?id=121093