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Judge Napolitano and Geraldo on the controlled demolition of building 7 on 911. Actually, this may have been the interview that finally got Napolitano placed on the chopping block at Fox News. Geraldo is delicately stepping around the subject of the controlled demolition of Building 7 – a topic that is known about in depth already by 911 cognoscenti, but damn at least he got the thing on national TV if only for a moment. There have been virtually no videos of the WTC7 collapse aired on public media because it is so obviously a controlled demolition. The plane that was shot down in Pennsylvania was probably the one meant to hit WTC7 and create another fake “collapse” thus accomplishing Larry Silverstein’s insurance trifecta. The scrambling throughout the day of 911 to figure out how to drop WTC7 in a believable manner was one of the most intense dramas of 911. Since the building has already been prewired like the others it was possible for operatives to selectively activate demolition charges which could be heard being used to soften up the structure throughout the day.
You can bet this Geraldo interview infuriated Murdoch and Company. The Larry Silverstein- Rupert Murdoch – Netanyahu virtual weekly poker game must have choked on their chips when they saw this. This had to be a sort of “Hail Mary” gesture on the Napolitano’s part. He had to know this interview would number his days at Fox. As for Geraldo he is like the Pope and Oprah – too big to fire.

Here by the way is one of the high comic moments of 911 TV when Tucker Carlson interviews the professor Steven Jones on the controlled demolition, and Carlson jumps through all kinds of hoops to keep the WTC7 footage from airing. Sometimes it is as much what they won’t let you see as much as it is what you get to see that tells the story:

Demolitions expert Danny Jowenko on the controlled demolition of Building 7:

The last moments of WTC 7 from the mouth of a firefighter telling people to “Get back. The building’s about to blow.”

911 first responder Kevin McSpadden on the radio countdown initiated just prior to the collapse of building 7.