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Hi, this happened a while ago, a few months ago in December, I thought of Greg. The man works at WBTV news station in Charlotte, North Carolina. He had a heart attack, died for 25 minutes, they then froze him, (hypothermia) did some medical procedures on him and brougth him back from the dead – from what I understand he is still alive. I wanted to contact the station, but, he worked there and I thought it would be too intrusive at the time, but, some one, maybe Greg would like to email them and ask about it.

WBTV.com is the url and it is a tv news station – it happened in December ( have not stopped thinking about it as it is so wild)….the man worked in a high position at the station, so I am sure that some one there would remember his name and also enough time has passed now that it would not be rude to ask about his condition and possible interview if he were to agree.

Off Topic from dead man – but kid of related- One time , a few years ago I wrote about seeing lights, like fire flies, the ones that the Aborigines ( spelling?) in Austrailia made with their fire when Apollo 13 flew over…..the sparks were supposedly seen flirting about the space craft. The event I had was amazing as they seem to come from within as if I saw them (no they were not floaters in my eyes) and then they came out of me and were swirling all about and then faded. I had never had this happen before that first time. It did happen again the other night. I wonder what those things are? I have never heard of them. I want to find my blog I worte about it on here, so I just go backwards or something? Then post the url of what? Maybe if people can read it, there is more info on it and better explained about what happened to me. I would like to know if any one has any ideas. I guess I will try to find the posting here.


Nightmares of the Future: THE PLUTOCRATIC EXIT STRATEGY – Breakaway Factions & Type 1 Civ Tech

This is where I talk about the weird lights that came from inside of me through my eyes and then went outside of my body and swirled around – this happened again a bit ago……

(Came back on an edit to post the above)

OK, been a long time since I have posted, but, that has been due to transferring data from computers, updating this and that and we had one bloody cold winter here. Froze my butt off and the climate has been breaking records for lows and then highs and then higest lows and so forth. We were below zero wth wind factor last week and then we went into the high 70s to low 80s in one day. The highs lasted for four days and now we are back to cold but, it is to come back up.

But, life as normal I suppose.
Hope all are well and miss the yak.
I hope to find the post on the fire flies .
Peace and Joy,