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and it was not hard at all. I was waiting and waiting for when I felt real smart until I thought I would attempt to do a Youtube video on the site. Well, I found this one old song I had been looking for and the movie that went with it, The music is really what I wanted. SO, I just thought, I am going to figure this out. Well, it was so simple and it was staring me in the face every time I was on Youtube, I just never noticed it because it is small and no one ever told me about it.

Anyway, I have my first videos on the site now and I am very very happy. I have always wanted to do them when they were first beign done, but, I was afraid of the coding and embedding and this and that, I was unaware it was so simple. Please listen to the new music one I have up. it is titled “Eternally” and is the original music Charlie Chaplin wrote for his movie Limelight in 1952. It is a dear dear movie and a must to see. I did find the trailer to it, so that is up with the song. I am very happy now.

It is on my home page right on top. Oh, and an article about permaculture if you are into that…off the grid communities…I will have more up on those soon. Free energy and off the grid tools you need to live.
Just go to the index which is simply this url


Thanks, I am happy and feel like I am beginning to do things I have wanted to do for sharing for a long time.


Hey, I just noticed that ad looking thing, is that a real poster ad for Hillary for President to vote for her? Is she in Oz too making speeches or is this a google ad or what? I am confused here. I thought I was away from America here on the Grail with the Grailians (ryme with aliens).