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The above website is a video in 4 parts of a film made in 1943. It is a French film about Freemasonry. However, whilst the rituals and the activities are genuine in as much as I have read about the subject I still found the whole visualisation to be deeply profound and almost shocking. It is truly worth watching if you can.

At the end, the film suggests that the Freemasons alone were responsible for the decision to have a war. I had already come to the conclusion that the Freemasons, along with other similar types of groups, to have been responsible in this way, but not the Freemasons alone. There are so many groups these days, especially since the end of WWII, (CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger, Davos, to name but a few) and some have members in more than one of the groups, who are persuading, some may say manipulating, others to think and act in a similar way to the actions displayed in this film. I consider the Freemasons to be the oldest of these groups, but not the only ones.

As an additional point, where I live in Co Durham, England, I have noticed that there are many masonic halls in even the smallest communities. They seem to have been a hotbed in this part of England. I have visited other parts in the North East of England and elsewhere, but they are not such a predominant sight as in Co Durham. As this was the area known as a Palatine, and ruled by the Bishops of Durham for many centuries, and in pre-reformation times as an autonomous ruler in his own right, but overseen by the Pope, I find it revelationary that there are so many masonic halls and lodges in this area.

Whatever you think about Freemasonry, please watch the film, as I find it revealing that anyone, in 1943, in Europe, was so convinced that the war was a premeditated act by such influential people for the gain of power and wealth, not just a meglomaniacal idea by a few Nazi Germans. Note the Freemason salute – it is reminiscent of the early US salute, and there have been other countries prior to Nazi Germany who had exactly the same salute at one time.