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recently in news, the FBI of america had quoted: “Reports have been found and clues have been discovered that Adolf Hitler had not actually commited suicide as the reports said after the second world war.” “He escaped to argentina and it is said to have lived there for atleast 11 years”

Well, many ppl may think that this is just plain B.S, but I personally think that this subject is something to ponder about, I mean, after all Hitler’s corpse has not been recovered till date, nor are there any traces of him killing himself, if the reports were true that hitler had shot himself in his bunker, no blood stains, bullet holes or any trace of death is visible in the place, FBI has recently said that hitler could have easily escaped among some of his nazi people past the incoming soviet troopers, into one of his U-boats and make his way to argentina, furthermore, some argentinians have said that they did see hitler in the country. The report that Hitler was dead was just passed at the time of war to relieve people so they could breath a sigh of relief, as the evil had perished. The main aim of the Soviet troopers was to recover hitler, alive, but they found nothing of him. Goebbels and his family was found in Hitler’s office but not a trace of hitler. Old argentinian police reports have also said that Hitler was alive and he was spotted. It is believed that he lived in argentina for as long as 11 years. and that he survives till date! After the failed soviet search, the Soviets did assume that hitler had escaped as that was the statement that Stalin made to Truman and Churchill during the Potsdam conference that “Hitler had escaped and no traces of him were found.” The statement that Hitler had committed suicide was deduced by the UK and was believed by the rest of the world.

Could it be that he lives on till date? could it be that all the terror attacks behind the USA has one supreme mastermind above all the terrorist networks..namely adolf hitler? could it be that he is sitting somewhere hidden planning a world conquest?


please post anything that you think might enlighten about this subject