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I have for some time favoured the idea of basic income, or negative income tax. Both of these are not need based, but they allow a basic income to people that don’t have any other source. The idea is that it would reduce the overhead of feeding them, because feed them we must. On moral grounds, and if imbalances get really bad, to avoid nasty uprisings and such.

We are also currently seeing populists being more popular (again), in response to perceived problems and imbalances.

Are we getting to the point already, where we have too many people with too little to do that they get paid for?

It is a lot easier to blame Mexicans for job losses, than to actually address economic problems.

Are we there yet, is automation eliminating jobs faster than people can learn new skills? And what do you do with the left-over people that can’t learn anything new that they will get paid for?