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DNA Manifesto-DNA ET History+Physics&Film Egyptian Afterlife Entry

Why the History of DNA is the only way to emerge from ‘groundhog day’
Implosion Group / Dan Winter – index soulinvitation.com or goldenmean.info

below is exerpted only – to see the animations (and film trailer) use:


A. It is self-evident that DNA is based on Golden Ratio and a fractal charge attractor in order to make it an electric field generator for (its most sutainable / immortalizing function) the production of its own gravity field.

B. That the COHERENCE (fractally perfected) of this DNA’s charge coupling field (also called access to the collective unconscious) – is absolutely the ONLY hope of sustaining immune function, and carrying biologic (electric) memory thru death. The coherence of the bio charge field has formerly been called the KA (boat to the underworld) in EArth’s tradition – from which we have our words KAthar, KAtholic, merKAba etc. Thus it is self-evident that perfecting this field effect biologically around each human ( aura coherence is measureable with clinical precision for example by GDV) – is the ultimate and final meaning and purpose of biologic incarnation- and therefore the highest purpose for Earth’s governments to serve each human. (For illustration – it is for example clear – that the origin of our word FATTEN is FA-ATUN- which literally means to FEED OR CHARGE the aura / sun god in you. FA or FE mean to charge by getting PHI. All actions which do NOT FATTEN or feed your aura, should therefore be avoided by governments – or those governments should be replaced. Such crimes against humanity {forced immunization, preventing free seed selection} illustrate for example a primary legal reason for the replacement of George Bush’s government. )

B. That the result of the perfection of DNA’s coherence electrically (defined by BLISS / peak experience / peak perception – below) which is fractal and gravity making, allows DNA to stabilize the gravity of humans. This makes Sufi turning, lucid dreaming, and navigation at death possible – as well as creating the self steering and internal charge generating condition which is DNA’s only hope of not being a parasite and not being PUSHED AROUND. Otherwise humans are condemned to parasite religions lying to them about the physics of creation / ability to compress charge, somehow suggesting this takes place OUTside the electric field of their bodies / their attention.

C. It is further self evident that a primary role DNA plays in the astrophysics of celestial bodies (like our Sun) is to stabilize the gravity enabling star maintenance / birth etc. Stars obviously do not work so hard to fabricate DNA genepools (like ours) for no return on investment (this would not be KHEMically adiabatic). Essentially what it means to inhabit a star (or any body) is to become electrically the gravity field which holds it together. Incarnation = embedding in the perfected charge distribution of fractality sometimes called ‘consciousness’. The physics of embedding / perfected nesting / harmonic inclusiveness – optimized by Golden Ratio – is well articulated. In EArth’s traditions this is called making SUN Gods. Recent measurement evidence includes the dramatic effect on solar flares when millions of children sing the same song, also the measured reduction of radioactivity caused by focused human attention. Biologically fractal charge compression – is the final gravity maker.

D. That most importantly DNA requires absolutely exacting environnment and nutrient in order to acheive this charge attracting, gravity making climax state: namely-

1) fractal electric charge field (traditionally called sacred space)- identified by harmonic inclusiveness when the capacitive qualities of the space are spectrum analyzed. This fractality in air – can also be measured by the Russian IGA (torsion / scalar cascade) notably measuring the residual electric field caused by life / DNA (also cf Gariev / phantom DNA etc). This principle is illustrated beautifully in the parallel way fractality in all liquids – measureable by REDOX potential – quantifies ability to support life (charge distribution) in GENERAL. This absolutely demands Earth reinvent architecture defined by the ability to build a biologic / DNA feeding – (fractal) capacitor. It is important to note how inexpensive it is to measure, prove and teach this physics – based on measuring / comparing what percentage and weight success any space (electric field) will have in germinating a dish of seeds. This then predicts the ability of that space to support all DNA and growth, human immune health, and death eliminating BLISS.

2) fractal live enzyme, genetic diversity based nutrition. It needs to be legislated a crime against humanity to cause not just genetic engineering without measuring the effect on (fractal) DNA field coherence, but also a crime against humanity to permit MONOCULTURE. This literally inhuman practice – by denying DNA’s right to secure fractally implosive / harmonic rich charge acquisition / implosion-is it’s only hope of become self directing (monocultured DNA is literally STUPID) by sucking charge into itself – has now made most of the wheat, corn and soy DNA on Earth measureably poisonous to human immune health ( ref – leucotrane sneeze – blood allergy measure etc- individualwellbeing.co.uk ).

3) Children need to be educated in what is the physics of a shareable thought: Namely a wave of charge which (by fractal coherence- like the neurons ‘pulse stream’ optimized by Golden Ratio EEG / bliss) is able to propagate non-destructively (how aura survives death for example). This will allow them to feed their aura by their choice of thought. Thus pure service and pure intention – are electrically measureable for example in aura building EKG coherence (HeartTuner uses cepstrum physics to measure EKG and thereby emotional COHERENCE). They need to understand the physics which causes their bodies to tingle each time they discover and bring into their attention – a shareable concept / pure principle. Charge acquisition by fractality enables what formerly was called GOD making – the pure self empowering physics of creation by charge compression. NO metal medium can support the physical electric power of biologic fractality which exists in DNA. This understanding spells the end of the Orion wars- where like on EAs Earth now – humanoids mistakenly and disastrously tried to inhabit (DNA and soul destroying) non-fractal METAL. (how beautiful is the fractal of that where the sad Isreali’s fly the alpha DRACOnis flag on their metal tanks – only to find that one simple shaman with good DNA completely makes obsolete and wasteful even George Bush’s armegeddon military budget).

In honor of the approach of the solar wind compression test (rapture) demanding fractal non-destructive compression of all biology and cities, and since the electrical action on DNA to cohere environment (see appendix- short history of DNA) is self evidently the ONLY hope to access biologic sustainability (and immortality) on this planet – we the undersigned demand URGENT action by the UN to educate cultures, and censure offending governments:




The actions required:

1. Require seed distribution and genetic engineering to prove vitality by electric coherence measure (life force) – thus enforcing free genetic diversity by law- because only that will allow DNA to cohere.

2. Start education in DNA health, – instruction for example in the physics of live enzyme maintenance- will show the cause of aging in general correlates with live enzyme death in the body. Digestion is access to charge implosion – where memory becomes shareble. Movie ‘stars’ who die taking 300 pounds of undigestable white flour in their intestines into their coffin – illustrate what it is to NOT become a star.

3. Educate nations – how solar biologic capacitors like stonehenge, garden of Edin, Amarna / Amenti – prevented cellular aging – permitted germination force, and electrically successful / coherent – birth and death.

4. Teach the scientific NATURE OF BLISS / Ecstasy / Peak Experience / Peak Perception / Enlightenment- which is literally the body learning to become fractal enough to attract and compress charge efficiently >

the graphics here are at the link (experted here- see links for the images:


exerpt from the end of the article (dna history)

Your soul is projected like a flame out the portal of the pyramid. The PYRAMID IS A SOUL RETREIVER – like Intiwana’s (fractal ) Prism at Machu Pichu, and the Cherokee sacred burial ground hill fractal to the mountain behind it, and like the SOUL ACCELERATOR that is AMENTI. It is a paramagnetic capacitor designed to charge compress and PROJECT the electric field of your biologic aura after death. – see the measurement of the biologic charge field (the Egyptian KA – boat to the underworld= field COHERENCE) – after death – at soulinvitation.com/death . Also see – the AMENTI – soul retreival principle – so central to Akhunaton’s design for Amarna. ( soulinvitation.com/heaven , soulinvitation.com/lionpath , soulinvitation.com/amenti , soulinvitation.com/ensoulment , soulinvitation.com/blackholeeffect , soulinvitation.com/salvation , soulinvitation.com/wormturning )

In order to center yourself in that field effect / your soul “Bardo Navigating”- with Dendara’s ceiling for a map – you must BATTLE WITH THE 12 Snakes – THE SERPENT WITH THE BLAZING FACE. Does it not make perfect sense that the 12 snakes and the serpent with the blazing face – is precisely the FIERY MOUTH OF YOUR OWN DNA! Your genes are on fire. To enter that fire – the AG in AGni – you must understand that in the IMPLOSIVE and GRAVITY MAKING CHARGE COMPRESSING coeur of GENEs – that ONLY THE SHAREABLE WAVE SURVIVES! This means you must have sorted your memory.

The axial rotations of charge which make up your DNA – are 5 in the thin strand (cube 3 rotates into dodec 4 which is then wratcheted down the helix =total 5 superposed ‘SNAKES” / axes of symmetry of charge rotation ) – then there are 7 MORE rotations in the recursive braid of that strand to its fat toroidal implosive ensoulment. The thread is braided into string, then the string to rope, then the rope into fat rope… recursively – SEVEN TIMES. Until the DNA becomes circular / toroidal / implosive / Lord of the Ring- (pics / animations at links etc especially – soulinvitation.com/12strands ). This was called “Boson Seven” at Montauk – it shows up in the power spectra of DNA (Star Wars “Micro Chloridians” in the Blood) – indicating ability to make gravity – time travel and CALL “The FORCE”! (Real Mystery of the Lord of the Ring – the Science of DNA: soulinvitation.com/ringlord ).
SO when you add the 5 superposed charge rotations (defining dimensions) in the thread- with the 7 superposed rotations in the BRAID WITHIN THE BRAID (see 7 color torus codefining 7 spins of the tetra)- YOU HAVE 12 ‘strands’ LITERALLY TWELVE SNAKES – in your DNA (and see below literally how people see exactly THAT map when they die) !

The Egyptians were ‘resurrectionists’. The KA was the boat, Amenti was the river, the hat of Osiris (pericardium) was the lens of the heart.

How suitable that the original name for Egypt was Khem – meaning ‘access to the place of blackness’ – from Enki/Thoth’s blue black (Rigelian) blood. And that this became the origin and meaning of our terms KHEMistry and alKHEMy – literally – symmetry access to BLACK HOLE MAKING. Now we see – that penetrating the black hole in DNA – is the heart of the Egyptian mystery tradition. Compare how perfectly navigating these superposed symmetry rotations necessary to enter the coeur of your own DNA (fearless jumping in to the implosive mouth with the ‘blazing face) – is exactly the symmetry pattern SEEN BY NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCERS (‘Kluver Form Constants’ discussed at soulinvitation.com/death ).


The short history of DNA:

In the hoary mists of time, much forgotten in the DNA decay / long memory loss – of the Orion Wars, it is clear that the fusion holy communion charge core nature of DNA was in fact understood of old.

A little context to our story – an intro to the SCIENCE: The nature of DNA’s implosion core is such that a kind of enforced democracy must exist among all the planets using (DNA) this biology’s finest charge propagation engine. What happens is that in the Golden Fractal heart of DNA – the well / library of survival info is constantly being upgrade among ALL DNA users. The way this works involves phase velocity recursive constructive ‘heterodyning’ charge waves- constantly discovering which wave can successfully propagage thru the speed of light, into the gravity well that is the electric field of the collective unconscious. Here in the fusion core of implosion, only the SHAREABLE wave can survive. The physics involves a certain test for fractal charge coherence – which precisely corresponds to what is called PURE INTENTION. See how this pure intention / heart coherence is MEASURED and taught in physics -as internal phase coherence: ‘the cepstrum’ in EKG / EEG : HeartTuner / BlissTuner .

This test for successful compression of charge is electrically the essential PHYSICS of successful death for example. Here waves discover literally what can SERVE all of DNA by checking which fusion wave of charge (which is the form of all biologic memory) is able to survive compression into the shareable world. Perfect fractal PHASE DISCIPLINE is the physics of entry test into the world of the shareable (sometimes called immortal pure intention). In Egypt- this physics of DNA was called encountering “the 12 strands of the snake with the fiery mouth”. Dimensions are axes of symmetry superposed in DNA.The pure charge symmetry science – of the 12 DNA rotations or ‘strands’ vs origin of alphabets are animated at soulinvitation.com/12strands

The DNA thread -dodeca stepped or wratcheted down a helix – begins with 5 charge rotational axes superposed (3 spin cube/ rotates or ‘nutates’ 5 cubes around at 32 degree tilt – into the 4th symmetry axis which is the dodecahedron/ then wratcheted in the 5th spin symmetry superposed down the helix into the thread that is DNA – pics below). Then – the thread is recursively braided (thread to string to rope to fat rope) 7 times (codefined by the tetra axes – physics of codon nesting and alphabet origins) until it becomes toroidal / circular / implosive and ensouled. Entering this fiery mouth without fear (resistance to spin compression) is successful death / dream entry – as evidenced to the symmetry map of turning into DNA’s mouth – “Kluver Form Constant’s” geometric map to death seen by near death experiencers. ( soulinvitation.com/death ). The 12 snakes or 12 strands idea, refers only to the potentially 12 (5 plus 7 braid) axes of symmetry of charge rotation when DNA ‘takes charge’. The mouth of that (DNA) snake, is fiery and fearsome only to those who have not learned the immortalizing skill of non-destructive (implosive / fusion based) charge compression. The symmetry ingredients of this DNA igniting implosive charge compression – codon tetra dance (Hebrew) into the pent DNA (Ophanic / Greek – re-penting to be saved / ) to acheive implosive charge distribution – is the origin of all sustainable (sacred) alphabets.

Now- back to the history story: The practical politics that was then required -involved legislating that all developing star systems which would utilize DNA for the en-livening of their planets- must agree to certain rules. These rules were propagated by what were then called ‘Galactic Core Cultures’ ( ref: vincentbridges.com and others). On the up side – this provided for a certain discipline about genetic crosses – which created a kind of mystic plan for the ‘Willed Mutation of the Species’ (they would evolve a new organ of perception genetically precisely when they would envision and intend – setting the phase direction / intent steers waves of charge).

Later, however a negative side of this genetic rule making emerged. The essential galactic dynamic involved a certain disagreement about the best way to propagate DNA to evolving stars. (The Ophanim vs ‘fallen’ Seraphim, the Aku vs Draku- became Enki vs Enlil, Atun vs Amun, Lucifer vs Michael, Luciferic vs Ahrimanic etc etc etc.. Today- Arab vs Jew.. Note how the movie GROUNDHOG DAY cannot end until education is acheived…Remember Darth Vader / Drac is Skywalkers dad. Harkonen sired MuaDib..Why does the Bird Brain sit on TOP the Snake Brain? )

The primary agent in our galactic sector, came from a fiercely survival oriented ‘Dragon’ family later called SERAPHIM, or URU. That culture became female dominated, whose queens were telepathic and called ASSA. The ASSA from URU in the place (DIN) of the AN(Sun God) became DIN ASSA URU ( Dinasoar) and Azores, Asuras, and URU-ASSA-EL-EM (Jerusalem) – where the Queen (ASSA) URU (Draco’s) would make the PHASE SHIFT (EL) – translating the vorticity of their DNA blood charge thru light speed into star inhabiting / gravity making ensoulment. You can see now why you live in UR-ope, near the UR-als, originated by the URU-an (Romans).

The galactic history of this URU Dragon tribe is, to oversimplify- the tale of the genetic disaster which befell a certain branch of the Seraphim, Dragon family. After many warrior generations, they ended up welding and immersing their DNA into too much metal structure- artificial enviornments loss of charge fractality (the sacred) caused aging and loss of implosion in DNA. The loss of the skill to electrically ignite DNA TO IT’S NATURAL IMPLOSIVE GRAVITY MAKING IMPLOSION WAS CALLED NEPHALIM ( MEANING FALLEN ONE). Originally their queens were called MAG meaning the matrix of charge ignition (AGni) in blood. We have discussed elsewhere in great detail ( soulinvitation.com/therestofthestory )- the circumstances surrounded their migration from seratonin laced menstrual blood for (royal jelly) star making ‘Messiah’ nourishment of their babies, to addictive Gold Powder (the Manna, Ormes, Spice – origin of the white round wafer- holy communion). This story then includes the primary economics (support of their de-souling addiction to this gold powder habit – paid for the expensive articifial genetic engineering / mining planetoid which genetically seeded Earth multiple times).

The negative side of this rule making about DNA behavior – we referred to, arose when they forgot the essential charge dynamics of what permitted blood to remain charge implosive, gravity making and therefore hi value. They well knew that the high paying jobs were for those whose DNA was implosive / gravity bending enough to navigate faster than light star craft (the so called ‘guild navigator’ immersed in gold water, with the ‘micro chloridian / boson 7 DNA). Their understanding of the physics of DNA was evolving – but yet – like our foolish genetic engineers, they failed to see the slow death to charge implosion in DNA – when biology was placed in metal environments. Their culture for example originally understood more of the physics to install a capacitive dolmen field to create the charge envelope microclimate (literally the GarDIN of EDIN) – which prevented cellular aging. This mining equipment became essential when they discovered how quickly their 10000+ year life spans decayed when they entered our planet environment. Here was an electric field / atmosphere – less than the fractality- to which they were (artificially) accustomed. But even the skill to maintain the implosive immortalizing charge field of these arrays (called SHEM biblically- rather mistranslated into ‘altar’) was gradually lost – as loss of long term memory was one of the distinct symptoms of their gold powder addicted decaying DNA. Loss of blood implosion – loss of the the AGni in mAG and drAG- eliminates independant thinking – tends to create the hive mind tendancy: the return of the borg.

Having forgotten how DNA could become implosively self steering, ignited and gravity making – all they could do was – pass rules to PREVENT DNA FROM CHANGING. This is how a deep cultural conviction arose on the fallen DRACO Nephalim star system ALPHA DRACONIS. (Home of DUNE’s ARRAKEIS, the star map at Ankor Wat, and the shape of the arabic letter EL, whose logo and star battle craft hex shape became the flag of Israel.) The mistaken (and very characteristically reptilian) cultural notion was that ANY DNA THAT CHANGES IS BY DEFINITION DEFECTIVE. This failure to empower their own genes to get free- resulted in their ‘Draconian’ marriage laws installed later in the CASTE SYSTEM, the Jewish sex guilt, today’s Mormonism, and the horrific touch inhibiting marriage laws of the Australian aboriginals. This error in understanding of the meaning and value of setting free your DNA (genetic diversity) and setting your children free – bears directly on the catastophic DNA policies (the monoculture disaster) of Earth’s governments today. And also in our inability to allow our children to take responsibility for their own destiny (the George Bush – let go and let God dementia).

There is a particular part of this story relevant to our DNA short history story – we need to mention. These Draco’s conquered most of the remaining inhabitable planetoids, of the largely war destroyed Orion sector. We animated elsewhere the clear morph relationship ( soulinvitation.com/invasion, soulinvitation.com/enki ) between the Draco face, and the ancient Sumerian goddess (Eve / grandma) statues from the Ubaid. Their warlike method and purpose in DNA seeding planetoids – bears directly on what happened to DNA on Earth ( our patterns of fear – and guilt around the natural sexual / charge field penetrating power of DNA).

Two major lifewaves of seeding our so called GAR-DIN (Sumerian words) are mentioned in such anthopologic works as : (pics see link soulinvitation.com/dnamanifesto )

Thanks to our Shaman Anthropolog friend in Bogota: Mariana Escribano (French and Spanish)- author of these who presented Valerie and I these – along with her explanation of Enki’s role – and the dual seeding story BOTH Lumeria and Sumeria from the Dragon UR race.

< note KYN = 'kin', NYKY=Enki, GaGua=Ga Ga =The PLACE - the Saturn moon which became Pluto where Enki set up his genetic modification lab to use the Acambero statues below to modify his humanoid genetic experimental line for exagerated sexuality to potentize them against the fallen Draco empire (see below- to be clear- the part of the story of Enki / Quetzlcoatel's -Acambaro Statues changing the shape of animals - and about GaGa being Jupiters moon- becoming Pluto where Enki did this - both were suggested by Michael Heleus. Specifically - Michael's hypothesis is that the Pluto sytem's main components, Pluto and the somewhat smaller Charon, were a dual shepherd-moon at the edge of one of Saturn's rings trimming the edge of outlying debris. Names for Hermes, and AdamKadmon are also in this book. Note- din=place of gods, DIN- ASSA- URU- Dinasaur- (Place where the Annunaki imported the Assa /queen - URU / drac DNA) "The Return of Enki": The essential story here (acknowledgement to Michael Heleus) is that Enki / Ea / Merk / Atun / Lucider / Adonia (+son Hermes/ Thoth / Thoth moses..)- perceiving that his DNA and DNA politics were a losing fragment in the Orion wars / Empire Strikes Back - specifically the psychokinesis HE represented...chose to rebel against the conservative Draco policy forbidding the inserting of the more psychokinetic aspects of their own DNA here (in Lumeria this mistake allowed their slaves to rebel). The real bullet in the furnace was Enki's own Paa Taal (Ptah) / DNA which he had illegally used by planting his own sperm in his half sisters womb where he had inserted the Cro Magnon egg(Eve). Below- Enki / Thoth ..(pics of emerald tablets vs tibetan vs ophanim enochian - all based on thoth in link soulinvitation.com/dnamanifesto ) conceived a plan. He took these biologic capacitors.. the Acambaro ceramic collection..statues-(below) to Gaga - Saturn moon which became Pluto . The design of these statues / biologic capacitors (like real physics behind a witch making a doll)- was such that their electric field would influence the morph direction of the DNA field. Michael, reports actual witnesses to the statues changing the shape of animals. (see 'fluted ears' below). Many of these dolls show very exagerated penises. He suggests ( it makes so much sense)- that Enki used that biological engineering opportunity to radically over stimulate the human sex drive. He carved the paramagnetic piezoelectric trace mineral rich charge resonant clay statuary with extreme sexual gland exaggeration- to trigger that growth in our HUMAN DNA (in his seeding lab)- his experiment in rebellion from the fallen ORION Dracs! In this way he knew he could make it virtually impossible for the Draconian Drac government to turn us all into borg. (We would be too assertive). from ANOTHER KIND OF HIERONYMUS DEVICE - AND THE INCEPTIVE CYBORG EFFECT -"If thought constructs are actual operational mechanisms, then there should be other evidence besides psychosomatic illness and the demonstrated ability of the mind to cure certain illnesses. In fact, the Hieronymus device can be used to demonstrate this point. John Campbell, former noted editor of Analog Magazine, once built an Hieronymus device and tested it successfully. Campbell immediately recognized that present physics could not explain the functioning of the device. In an exchange with Arthur Young, Young suggested to Campbell that it was the mind of the operator that made the device function, and that it was the symbolic form of the device that dynamically functioned to make it work. This appeared particularly significant to Campbell since he had discovered he could make the device work even though disconnected from its power supply. So Campbell decided to test this thesis. He carefully drew on paper in black India ink a schematic diagram of the amplifier, removed the actual amplifier hardware, and substituted the schematic drawing. To his absolute amazement, the device worked as well for him this way as it had previously. But from our standpoint, such a result is not unexpected and can be readily explained. First, I should point out quite strongly that Campbell not only was well-qualified technically, but even more important, he had an open and unbiased mind. This of course is quite necessary; the negative psi effect is well known, and the negative person is most certainly not going to allow his mind to operate the Hieronymus machine, just as he will not allow himself to succeed at dowsing, and so on. - Furthermore, in constructing the electrical schema of the amplifier, Campbell was strongly impressing stable thought constructs in his own unconscious, which was fully aware of the function of each part of the drawing. And when he connected that drawing to the rest of the hardware, he understood the function of the connection. He thus built in a thought connection from his thought-form amplifier to the hardware in a cyborg device. It then functioned as well for him as had the actual device. Campbell had proved that mind and matter may be cyborged into operational devices. Psychic use of a pendulum, a ouija board, a dowsing rod, a crystal ball, and a crystal skull are other examples of the use of inceptive cyborg psychotronic devices, as is the use of radionics equipment of all types. And of course the most outstanding example of an inceptive cyborg where mind and matter are linked into one functional device is a living biological system. - Frances Farrelly, working with Arthur Young, took part in an experiment using an ancient Mexican (Acambaro) figurine with a fluted neck. She succeeded in inducing fluted ears in a laboratory mouse. The mouse was exposed to the figurine about three feet away, arid the cage or the mouse was connected to the figurine with a wire. Physical objects, such as mice bodies and fluted figurines, are three-dimensional channel tuners for orthorotating mind energies. Given firm initiation by a talented person such as Ms. Farrelly, a selected grouping of tuners can be resonated to collect bioenergy, and kindle it into ordinary energy and then into physical..." end quote.. we would suggest words like biologic charge envelope as measured at soulinvitation.com/biophoton - instead of orthorotating mind energies- Dan W. BELOW - the famous Mexican ACAMBARO Figurine collection. If only the biblical creationists stupidly arguing that these statues prove that Dinasaurs were created - really UNDERSTOOD - they rather prove that we were all a genetic slave project of a commercial DRAC culture. The GOOD news is that the Dragons DID bring with them some truly angelic DNA: namely - Enki's PTaa.. mothers line..(Thuth-moses, Atun, Merk, Essene, Mag, Tut, Jesus -stories have only ONE source) - this is the REASON for the cultural fascination with the Jesus / really Tut Thuth story - AND the grail physics of DNA. It is not to say we need personality worship the high winged Dragon blood of Atun / Enki's mother's line. Quite the contrary - what we must focus on is the PHYSICS which allows such blood to remain ignited / implosive / blissful with fractal charge (the absolutely deepest SCIENTIFIC meaning of the word GRAIL). Summary - the Draconian culture from which Enki and the Sumerian Annunaki emerged - was primarily a genetic engineering / interventionist group. This is evidenced by the fact that EACH of the following appear to be primarily a GENETIC ENGINEERING SOFTWARE ENVIRONMENT: a) Hebrew Alphabet - controlling the tetra angles at which charge domains / codons nesting tetrahedrally - can be inserted into DNA to program it. - pics http://spirals.eternite.com b) Sumerian Alphabet - as George Merkel MD showed with Mitochondrial Chondriana, and his microscopy- the Sumerian glyphs were primarily wave guides thru which coherent light would create sub-cellular organelles. c) Acambero Figurines / Statures - biological capacitors to radiate the electric field to control the morph direction of DNA fields. - similar not just to witches making a doll, but also to "Willed Mutation of the Species"(Satprem). In this case, Enki / Hermes Quetzlcoatel and crew appeared to have been using them to morph (over-sex) the Earth human genetic experiment in a way to PREVENT the Draco culture from so freely turning us into borgs for harvest. (Jen - I believe the Axolatel was the species upon which they were tested, might account for the interest of your son). Both of these major genetic seedings of Earth originated from Alpha Draconis. This is confirmed by the Montauk ET reports (see Swerdlow detail and links: soulinvitation.com/invasion ). This fits with many other sources, including the ASSA-URU stories from the Hopi / Morningsky (Guardians of the Grail)- as well as the Draconis star map of Ankor Watt (book:Heavens Mirror) - and even the surprisingly historical DUNE information (Arrakeis is in Alpha Draconis). We see the high Draco called Dragon, Seraphim, Uru.. the elevated ones called Ciakar, or ArKan (archangel etc). Altho we agree with Swerdlow and others who emphasize that as many as 20 major ET civilizations were involved in interfering with Earth's genepool, the hypothesis that best fitst the stories, is again that the Alpha Draconis - were the politically and genetically dominant force. (Ironic caveat here: dominant in SETTING the genetic politics/polis laws but RECESSIVE in the relationship of their genes to the monkey blood they raped: hence RH- /rhesus absent - reptilians must always INBREED- the eLIZaBETH:Lizard born). Their female dominant queen culture ASSA became our DIN(place of Annunaki)ASSa-Uru : Dinasoar, and Azores, Asauras, (as we mentioned) - even our biblical Sarah is actually the ASSa (dragon queen ) of Ra (Sun God). - Their first genetic engineering wave we called Lumeria (Le m'UR). (The URal's of URope, were influenced by Uru-ans / romans originally from URU-ASSA-el-m / Jerusalem & Uruq/Iraq , Usuf Joseph and ASSa of RA -Sara from UR- what b'URg do you come from? )... Here if we understand the South American shamanic data, they allowed too much of their own long living DNA into their genetic slave culture, who later rather successfully rebelled. The resulting nuclear mess - sent the reptilian / draconian elements mostly off planet, but forced the humanoid group underground for generations (and into using iron - to bond oxygen in blood - becoming the red blood - ADAM -meaning red made. The heme-oglobin bond geometry mimics chlorophyll). So when it came time for the second major investment in genetics/ and mining here: Sumeria - the draco's had rather strict rules. They wished to avoid giving their TAK(Orion)-ADAMas' (Red man slaves)- enough psychokinesis in the genes to allow them to rebel from their slave status. This became the Hebrew / Yalweh (Draconic) sex guilt, marriage laws etc. Also it is why Gilgamesh was so angry that his lack of Annunaki genetic purity disqualified him from his much wanted dose of immortalizing Gold Powder. His story - (related:Formula for Surviving Death-Gilgamesh, Annunaki, Gold, Merkabbahs, & the Incunabula ) is not just about the inner electric muscles to acheive immortality in the lucid dream, but also a lesson (like Dendara ceiling) in star navigating at death. The second major wave of genetic intervention here, came with the arrival of An's family- Enki, Enlil - in the Annunaki / Sumerian epic. ( Annunaki timeline reprint / more context for the story : soulinvitation.com/hellsmouth ). The URU half of the IBI-URU, nIBI-URU - was Drac - the IBI half was bird / dog - as in IBERIA, and BirdTribe (see Ophanim Enochian). Here in the Sumerian episode, Enki was VERY close to disobeying those rules (keep the genetic slaves as slaves) when he tried his own sperm in the cro-mag egg he raped out of the local monkeys, to install in his half sister (Ninursag)- to make 'Adam and Eve'. So suspicious were the Drac's back in Orion - they demanded a sample for inspection (Enoch). When he returned the message from h'UR-tak (Dracs from Orion) was clear: OBEY THE HIERARCHY! Empire Strikes Back and Terminator are REAL! - Enki in fact represented the greatest fear of the borg empire- a blood line 'the REAL desposyni' - which COULD in fact grow psychokinetic enough to seriously threaten the borg / drac machine computer controlled empire. Gardner's retelling of the chasing to death of the remnants of a (desposyni ) bloodline ("Genesis of the Grail Kings") across all the royal families of Earth - ONLY has meaning when understood in an ExtraTerrestrial context. The origin of royal was simply charge radiant enough DNA to implode - Enki's/ Atun / Hermes / Thoth - real agenda. The Annunaki story is told richly in many places - our version is at soulinvitation.com/therestofthestory . What concerns our story about DNA politics vs. the psyche of Earth's peoples is more about what has been installed in the psyche of Earth. The overwhelming philosophy and economics of the (Draco) culture that paid for most of our DNA to be installed here (Lumeria, then Sumeria) was simply HARVEST. This is not necessarily such a horrible thing. Our grandparents generally lived where they did for some simply commercial reason. The meaning of the word Titicaca for example is essentially- tin mine. The geometry of the grail sites in Canada is simply the fractal places where mining (mineral deposits) are possible - based on grid embedding. arcadia pic The problem arises as the interfering Drac culture leaves its tentacles. Today - many believe the only countries on Earth which George Bush (puppet of Isreali bankers whose flag is Drac) has declared enemies are those whose central banks are NOT controlled by the (Drac?) Rothschilds. The same banking interests effectively legislated it illegal for farmers (in Iraq for example) to use their own seeds. This is 'Draconian' DNA control of the worst kind (the Monsanto induced "DNA made blind/angry/non-implosive" -hell of monoculture). The Yalweh (Jews) / Enlil / Draco politics (guilt and fear about being self empowered) about CONTROLLING DNA in order to harvest it - originated with the Draco 'moments of conception' of most of our genepool (Lumeria / Sumeria) (the Drac / Templar origins of Insurance / Banking etc). (pic at link soulinvitation.com/dnamanifesto ) This pic is from Stuart Swerdlow's book - as reprinted and discussed at length at soulinvitation.com/invasion Notice the Egypt and Hebrew cultures may seem like a DNA plant from Sirius A- the Antu story. Yet really -the DRACOs planted BOTH the Lumerian AND the Sumerian genetic 'garden' of EArth. Alpha Draconis was directly responsible for what we call Lumeria, but because they paid for and set the rules (via the Drac taught Enlil / Yalweh / Michael / Amun) to the N'ibi-uru expensive gold mining planetoid - they were ALSO the puppet string operator for SUMERIA (Summaire means 'Dragon', as does Khumara). How symbolic that the fools Eisenhauer and Truman who accepted the Greys treaty on abductions had no clue those lo grade ET's - the US new vampiric ally - were in fact merely puppets of the Dracs - like the Draco 'Charley'who ran Montauk. As the Andromedan's kindly suggested, we must show our children the DIFFERENCE between planting a forest in order to cut it down, versus planting it in order to set it free. This was the central differenc in the planetary DNA seeding philosophy which STARTED the Orion Wars. (Of which Earth history is a recent - fractal of - vaccine making - 'skirmish'. ) (pic at link above) If LaViolette is right in "Galactic Superwave" /the 'blue star kachina' Seyfert wind of the galaxy triggering our Solar maxima / solar orgasm - puts us in the penalty box because our Solar location is right in the heart of the wound to fractality / ability to compress well (fractality enables survival)- that is the Orion wars tear in the fabric of our galaxy. This comes under the larger category of the Templar agenda of the 'repair of the fabric of time'. - see also 'Spiral Calendar' : To reestablish synchronicity / time implosion out of chaos - time must be made fractal as well as space. For physics - restoring fractality / perfected charge distribution - ALWAYS defines healing. The Draco induced overly commercial, planetary DNA seeding only to make harvest, is a global wound in our primal genetic field - psyche. It sadly represents the OPPOSITE of setting DNA free (genetic diversity) in order that it implode, have bliss, make gravity and migrate our souls to stars. The fact is - we as a species CANNOT be self-empowered UNTIL we understand the astrophyisics / that is - the gravity and STAR MAKING power within our own DNA! (Gariaev's 'Phantom DNA' , 'Quantum DNA', 'Black Holes in DNA' references for example at soulinvitation.com/12strands ). Our blood is by definition a parasite- (not generating its own charge from gravity) and doomed to be pushed around by parasitic 'priests' (not gravity making) - until it is ignited (mAGda means 'to tower') with charge attracting BLISS. The further fact that this charge ignition of DNA into immortality and gravity making - is precisely the physics of bliss and ecstasy - make this TRUE story even MORE fun (more fractally attractive) than the 'Star Wars' that have entranced the billions of young people on Earth. If only they could now see how much MORE interesting truth is than fiction! So our biggest job may in fact be re-educating our global psyche about the 'sacred' value and power of DNA ( I offer the screenplay to Hollywood). (This is the opposite of the 3/4 borg Stephen Hawkins announcing somberly on CNN that we must push forward our insane genetic engineers {who have not the first electrical clue to what a soul is} so that our machines don't become more intelligent than we are. For someone like him who has soullessly embedded his DNA entirely in metal / the bliss experience of soul is inconceivable - and therefore his conception of intelligence IS metallic machine. Sadly the metal monstrosities which keep him and Ariel Sharon alive - represent the PROBLEM and emphatically NOT the solution to the Orion Wars! ) In other words- in order to properly value and shepherd DNA to it's gravity making and 'bliss' making limit - we must know the physics - and translate that into the education we give our children and our politicians! (epilog)- I have found when speaking to audiences of advanced physicists of these things, that conversation is best possible - AFTER we sort those who DO versus DO NOT remember having had an INTENSE BLISS EXPERIENCE. (Certainly if Hawkins ever did it was likely before he was entirely enmeshed in soullessly non-fractal metal. We have suggested elsewhere - soulinvitation.com/americabushraped , soulinvitation.com/hellsmouth , /bushed - that it is likely the US government can never implement the policy of strengthening DNA with the only way out of death - namely bliss - at a time when it's leader - GEORGE BUSH - obviously is lacking the biologic glandular equipment in his brain cavity to HAVE a bliss experience- something we would attribute to generations of decadence in his family. ) Dan Winter online at goldenmean.info