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Recently I saw a programme about chaos theory, and it unpredictability, but it also stated that chaos tries to form order. A paradox that science is still trying to understand.

I believe that the process of chaos forming order involves pulling similar subject matter together, possibly in a pile, ready to be placed in a specific order. This is what we do when we clean up a very untidy room.

Coincidences have been occurring recently a lot, and the subject matter appears to be random, yet I think this is part of the pulling together of matter before sorting.

One subject that was a strong coincidence recently, was the word, “Dagestan”. I heard of the additional suicide bombings in Dagestan, only days after the ones in Moscow. The name struck me suddenly. The second event was a Dr Who story, and lo and behold one of the characters was said to have been born in Dagestan. The following day, we decided to search our DVD collection for a film to watch on the computer, and eventually chose a film entitled ICON, and lo and behold, a bioweapon is set off in Dagestan!

Three times within three days, the name, Dagestan, is brought to my attention.

Some would think this is just a coincidence, but I had not heard of the place before this “coincidence”. Geography has never been my strong point, and I don’t remember place names very easily.

But could this be part of a larger attempt by the universe to “reorder” the chaos?