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Circular Times and Silvia Browne

I just wanted to post notice that Circular Times has been down for 5 days due to my server crashing – the back system failed too and they are trying to correct this, but as of now have no time that they will get the sites back up. So, yes, this is frustrating, but, out of my control and wanted to let people know that I am still publishing, and all Circular Times sites are down until further notice from my web service provider. I have just been notified that I would be able to at least ftp a new index with text on it to post notice. Sorry about this, thanks, Colette

Silvia Browne:
Also, I wanted to post on Silvia Browne. I saw her on the Montel program a few weeks ago. She is to be a psychic lady and has shows I guess. I do not know much about her. However, parents stood up to ask her how their young daughter died and she with out pause, said their daughter was shot in the chest with a gun. Both parents looked shocked and faced each other with an expression on their face like, WTF? Both parents started speaking at Silvia saying their daughter was in her bedroom and just fell down and died, there was no gun shot. Silvia said then with no pause, but with stutter, uh, uh, she got shot in the chest , like hit, a hit to the chest and had heart failure. Again, both parents looked at each other and were in shock. Mean time Montel steps in to this mess and says, young students die after they have been hit in the heart playing sports at school and she must have been hit by a basketball or something like that. Then Silvia starts up with, yes, yes, she was playing sports and got hit in the chest……..both parents said no to this, but, Silvia did not back down and was very arrogant and said their daughter died by getting a hard blow to her chest and she had heart failure – or something like that. But, no autopsy revealed any heart complications evidently because the parents were not told about any heart condition – and kept saying no to Silvia and were not too happy looking with what they were experiencing. I thought this was very bad and I wondered who this person was. I looked her up on the internet to read about her fraudulent cases of , hey, I know what happened to your dead loved ones. Also, I read about her high dollar counseling sessions of telling people what they were in their past life and who their angels are- which of course , none of that can be tested. I then remembered about the million dollar challenge and Randi – that he was out to stop cons like this. I then understood what he was talking about, as what I witnessed on TV was very wrong and it was obvious to me that this woman was blatant in her unknowingness and shrewd in her ways to cover up her faults.

It gets me upset to think of her, and to think of how people like her create airs that encourage skeptics to exploit all of the wrong about clairvoyance. I have had clairvoyance since I was a small child. I have helped people with missing persons, I have helped people with their healing, I have many things that I have been able to help people with that have been proven to be truthful. Only one time was I given 60 dollars for my efforts. I never opened up a practice of charging people for me doing what ever it is that happens. I was known about through word of mouth and most of the time things would just happen and be spontaneous. If I knew some one wanted me to spend time with them, I would relax and try to get calm and remove any of my expectations or thoughts on my mind and just let what ever feelings or impressions come in. I would always tell the person that what ever I am saying I do not know if it is correct or not and to just figure it out on their own after they have spent time with me and I have said what I had to say.

I understand more about what Randi is trying to stop, I may not agree with his methodology, but, I also do not agree with people like Silvia Browne and others who post websites offering services as such to vulnerable people and charging so much money. I know it takes time, but, I feel if a person truly has the gift of clairvoyance, then it should be given freely to help others and never be exploited or a person to feel better than another or to be used in any bad ways at all. People like Silvia Browne who go on television and exploit themselves in ways that are shameful, shame all of those who do have gifts and create the skeptic mentality. I personally think that it is best to just give freely and lay low and just let what ever happens – happen, and not try to promote one’s self in any manner for attention or gainful employment. But, then that is the way I feel- as I always say on weird matters such as this, I may be wrong though.