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I’ve been waiting for your annual predictions, earthling. Your prognostications for 2006 proved to be quite ‘on’, if wishful (see below).

1) Elections in Canada result in a minority government. Pretty boring I know.

(2) The party that doesn’t want Canada gets to be the strongest opposition party.

(3) George W Bush resigns, and gets a job with his old buddy Putin. The pay is better, and he doesn’t get as much public abuse, and he finally can reconcile with Gerhard, having a few beers. Vladimir takes care of the oppositon.

(4) Netherlands don’t win the World Cup.

(5) Neither does England, although they are good enough, just like NL.

(6) Spain does not flake out early as normal. They flake out a little later this time.

(7) At least one of Brasil and Germany is the final.

(8) Queen Liz makes it through another year, and she still looks like my grandmother.

(9) Queen Liz recommends Canada and Oz to become republics, she has enough work with the rest of her royal responsibilities. Can the queen just declare a country to be a republic, if she is tired of being queen of some dreadful place? I never thought of that angle.

(10) All of us live to see 2007.