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From director of Cowboy Bebop and Samarai Champloo, Shinichiro Watanabe, comes a new short that continues the Bladerunner story.

According to the official Bladerunner 2049 site:

[quote=]2022: An EMP of unknown origin detonates somewhere on the West Coast. Cities shut down for weeks. Electronic data is corrupted or destroyed over most of the U.S…The most popular blame is replicants.[/quote]
Read more here, you will need a touch screen: http://roadto2049.bladerunnermovie.com/

Voice cast includes actors from One Punch Man and Ghost in a Shell. Watanabe is the writer and director for this short. He states in this trailer that Bladerunner influenced him the most throughout his other works, and that he wants to stay true to the original story without it feeling like an imitation.

Short will be available for free on SonyPicturesJapan’s Youtube page on September 26, 2017.