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I recently sent this in an e-mail to the Sub Rosa staff, felt it would also make a good blogging:

To the Editor and Chief of Sub Rosa or Who it May Concern,
I’m a 21 year old college student in Texas and my interest in psycadelics and spirituality recently peaked. At the time, about a year ago, I was using a lot of LSD and wrote an essay for a philosophy professor that intrigued him so much that he decided to ‘provide me with a path’. This professor then gave me two books, “The Journey to Ixtlan” by Carlos Castaneda and “Cosmic Trigger I” by R.A.W. Now, while reading R.A.W. I came across a chapter in which he brings up the ’23 Engima’ and while detailing his dabbles in numerology he mentions that his daughters birthday falls on the 23rd, as I was reading this it occurred to me that my little sister’s birthday also falls on the 23rd. At this point I found myself intrigued, but still the Skeptic. I finished the chapter in “Cosmic Trigger” and then looked at my cell phone which is sitting on the table beside the book, it’s a flip phone laying face down, and I thought to myself “when I open my phone it’s going to be 11:23 A.M.”, I opened the phone and I was correct. When this occurred it was early July and I was working in Southern California, I phoned my buddy Carlos back in Texas who is also very interested in the occult, conspiracy, and all that jazz; and related all of the above events to him, he responded “I don’t mean to freak you out, but my little sister’s birthday is on the 23rd.” On this same day, I had just recently discovered the Daily Grail, I downloaded the first issue of Sub Rosa and immediately flipped down to the 23rd page, only to find a picture of a mushroom and an article about Terrence McKenna. Wow. Now this number has since been all over the place in my life, and made several different connections to Sirius; but once again, last night’s Issue of Sub Rosa was released and I flipped to the 23rd page. Crowley, DMT, and Magick. So this is where you come in, has this been a conscious effort on the part of Sub Rosa, or is the magazine itself becoming a part of the Enigma?

On another note, in reference to both what I’ve said above and the Crowley article. I’m curious if anyone on your staff (or of the Daily Grail bloggers) has picked up the new Robert Plant album, there is a track titled “Let the Four Winds Blow” and the lyrics state,
“I’ve been walking with strangers and talking all out of my mind.
Now the dogs in the manger, elusive and so hard to find
Conversations with angels, I seek the dimensional key

I been wheeling and dealing whatever will bring you to me”, I assume you all will get the meaning from the two lines that caught my attention. I suppose we all fancy playing the role of the Enigmatic Poet as Crowley did, conscious of it or not.

Your Loyal Reader and Fellow Traveler on Spaceship Earth,
Justin D. Aaron