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Anomaly Archives

Anomaly Archives: Streamathon 2020

Here is a non-zero sum game situation for the Grailer community: My friend SMiles Lewis and the good people of Anomaly Archives –a non-profit organization devoted to the preservation and dissemination of scientific research into anomalous phenomena– are holding a fund-raising online festival called the Streamathon 2020, which will feature a wide variety of speakers (including yours truly) giving presentations which will be totally free to watch, either on YouTube or Facebook, with the purpose of gathering donations so their wonderful organization can stay afloat during these troubling times.

Anomaly Archives Streamathon
(Image designed by yours truly. Can you spot all the Fortean eggs in it?)

The image above will be used by the AA folks to cook all sorts of rad merch and memorabilia intended to help them in their fund-raising efforts.

And for those of you curious to learn more about the kind of rare books and magazines they have in their catalog, here’s a video filmed by UFO Garage in which they visit the headquarters of Anomaly Archives in Austin, Texas (curious trivia — at the beginning of the video you may get a glimpse of the very first book cover I ever designed):

Streamathon 2020 begins tomorrow, so be sure to check out their webpage to learn more about the speakers’ lineup and the possible ways in which you may be able to lend a hand to this wonderful organization –we weirdos need to stick together after all!

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