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My friend Greg Bishop has often mentioned on his weekly radio show, how he used to be approached by TV producers in search of ‘talking heads’ needed for some UFO show or another; they would get discouraged pretty quickly with him though, because he *always* refused to say what they were expecting to hear. Instead of saying things like “UFOs are proof that a highly-advanced extraterrestrial civilization is visiting Earth in structured metal spacecraft, and they come from planet X or Y” Greg’s response was “I think UFOs are evidence of a non-human intelligence, which from time to time decides to interact with us.”

Eventually the producers stopped bothering him.

The kind of answers provided by Greg, and the rest of my heroes in both the UFO field or other fringe subjects, are NOT of the kind which can be easily squeezed in a neat 2-minute segment between nice CGI renditions of some close encounter of Bigfoot sighting. Another friend of mine, Joshua Cutchin, has conceded there’s simply no ‘elevator pitch’ for his book A Trojan Feast or the sequel he’s currently working on –and that’s OK with him; because he, Greg, and my other friends in the Fortean blogosphere, have grown to learn you cannot give simple answers to phenomena so complex, they seem to be well beyond the scope of human comprehension.

…And perhaps that’s the point of it all.

So to all newcomers to this site, be warned: If you’re looking for easy answers to the mysteries of the universe, chances are The Daily Grail will not be your cup of tea. Here we suspectuncle Bob and uncle John taught us the word ‘believe’ is a big No-No– there’s more to UFOs than space scientists conducting pro-bono prostatic exams, Bigfoot is more than a large ape roaming the North Pacific woods (and the undisputed hide-and-seek champion of the world) and ghosts are more than your dead grandma refusing to leave her old farm because, well… she was always a stubborn lady…

Caveat Lector, and enjoy the scenery from the less-trodden road! (Extra bonus is the travelers you’ll find, will probably be the most interesting humans you’ll ever meet in your life.)

[H/T Seriah Azkath]