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This is a clip from the highly-recommended film My Dinner with Andre (1981), which you can actually watch complete on Youtube. Incredible how after more than 30 years, this discussion seems more relevant than ever.

The movie mentions Findhorn repeatedly, which is a famous spiritual community and education center founded in Scotland in the early 1960s, based on the mutual cooperation between Man and the spirits of Nature. Robert Ogilvie Crombie (a.k.a. Roc), the illustrious Scottish mathematician is also mentioned in the film; Crombie was one of the original founders of Findhorn, and used to be hardcore materialist until they day when he allegedly had an ecounter with a faun, at which point his life experienced a dramatic shift toward Mysticism, magickal practices and communication with elemental entities –The book The Gentleman and the Faun [Amazon US & UK] is based on those encounters.

[H/T tobadzistsini]