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What’s the end game of late-stage capitalism? What provisions are The Powers That Be making for the Coming Collapse; for Climate Chaos and other Catastrophes? This is the Plutocratic Exit Strategy. In this series we’ll see how they plan on making their getaway, and how we can work to steal the future back.


This week’s instalment of the ongoing series that is the continuing, real time elaboration of the Plutocratic Exit Strategy features a 100min interview I conducted with Gordon from RuneSoup on the weekend. If you’ve read previous posts to the end, you’ll already know that his work – and the Archonology series in particular – basically sent me tumbling down the wormhole from which I’m sending these reports. Broadcasts barely making back it across the event horizon of the black hole that is the occulted nature of reality as it has been presented to us on a daily basis. Obviously.

This is an excellent primer on the Breakaway Civilisation that explains its origins and overlap with the Shadow State. We also go deep into the history and nature of the intelligence community, and its aristocratic ideology. It features a pretty big discussion of the relevance of Star Trek: DS9 to our current situation, and looks at some rather unpleasant cultural DNA that the Disney world has been built with.

It opens with Gordon making a strong case for the relevance of Jurassic World

Breaking Down the Breakaway Civilisation with Gordon from RuneSoup

Here’s some show notes to go along with it.


  • Jurassic World
  • Tomorrowland
  • Star Trek: DS9



Meanwhile in the ongoing looting of the world…


And now for some relevant news updates…

In Part 2 I talked about Infrastructure for Building Through the Collapse and adapting Elon Musk’s newest vehicle. But not before pointing out that: “This is literally the showcase vehicle for the Plutocrats making their exit from a doomed world.”

A more mundane version then, of that Breakaway Civilisation’s Fleet of Robot Medic Shuttles [as shown in Elysium], could be delivered to the world very soon simply by re-imagining how we use technology like Tesla’s Model X vehicle.

The key was an insight that Gavin Sheridan made. And the latest firmware announcement only helps strengthen his case that “Model X will be a self-driving car”.

The vehicle is, as suspected, being incrementally updated to create “a self driving future combined with an entire self-driving mobility platform.”

Which I’m totally cool with, so long as we get our fleet of magically appearing medics aka Uber For Plagues, and everyone is made a citizen of the Breakaway Civilisation.

As Greg already reported here, something pretty interesting has been observed in the sky, between the constellations of Cygnus and Lyra:

In 2011, several citizen scientists flagged one particular star as “interesting” and “bizarre.” The star was emitting a light pattern that looked stranger than any of the others Kepler was watching.

What’s particularly interesting is the 2011 detail. Is that why the Plutocracy have suddenly begun investing heavily in SETI? And emphasising caution in making Contact.

“I think we should think very carefully before we reply to a signal received from outer space.

“The history of weak civilisations contacting more advanced civilisations is not a happy one.”

I’d definitely call a civilisation that built a Dyson sphere more advanced than us. There’s a whole scale for that; and we’re not only the wrong end of it, we might lose our ranking soon.

Maybe it’s an invitation though? Maybe just like we dig up relics from the past and get inspired to recreate them, truly ancient objects of great wonder lie out in the cosmos, inviting us to aspire to magnificent things.

Mayyybe the Plutocracy want to get their hands on all the toys first.

Damn right I’m one frustrated wannabe xenoarchaeologist…

The other, related question it begs is whether this is what has got China just as interested in SETI? Or do they know something else altogether???

The Plutocracy and China controlling our future in space – I think I saw a tv show like that once.


Lastly, for a more down-to-earth look into the near-future of our increasingly post-cyberpunk existence… Detroit sure looks like its been gutted and turned into a model city for the establishment of the Networked City States variety of the Breakaway Civilisation.

As The New Inquiry reports in “My Own Private Detroit”, not just that, there’s also the small matter of ufology elements leaking through into the narrative.

“Since I’ve been here, it’s been gentrified a lot. Rents have definitely increased at a faster rate than inflation. There’s lots of development,” he says, citing an almost textbook definition of gentrification. “Most of this is [Wayne State] students or hipsters—I’d say very few people who have grown up and spent their whole life here.”

When Gilbert moved Quicken Loans (the second biggest retail lender in the country)—along with the headquarters for his holding company Rock Ventures—to downtown Detroit in 2010, it coincided with the beginning of an extreme polarization of the city. Detroit would be further bifurcated, crudely, along the axis of poverty.

While the gentrified Midtown is hailed as “the next Bushwick” and rents continue to rise, the rest of the city remains a shell of its former self, choked by poverty and suffering from a lack of services. Most visibly, for the past three years many in Detroit have had their access to water restricted as result of being unable to pay water bills, prompting United Nations rapporteurs to investigate human rights violations. Meanwhile, commercial accounts like those the city has with Chrysler, General Motors, and professional sports arenas are able to stay in operation despite overdue debts in the thousands of dollars. This is the Gilded Age calculus of the new Detroit: the burdened public carrying the privilege of a private few…

Politicians no longer point to an ever-shrinking and barely existent municipal tax base to explain the lack of public services in Detroit. Instead they strategically woo developers as the solution to municipal revenue, focusing on “revitalization” and the private amenities available as part of that process. But much of Detroit has been left behind. In poor neighborhoods, streetlights are still out, and entire city blocks are left in the dark. Roads are still in disrepair, decorated with constellations of potholes. And the police often still don’t come to help—not that when they do come, it’s always a help. When it comes to poor, black residents in Detroit, police systematically profile, harass, and inflict violence on those that, in theory, they should protect and serve. Still, Detroit residents—not unlike New York City residents during Bratton’s police “slowdown”—perceive the withdrawal of police services negatively…

Their goal is to hold the Detroit Police accountable, she says, and to support victims of brutality, like the family of Tazzy Mitchell, a local teen who died after police tasered him. But Morris and the Coalition Against Police Brutality have also advocated against private security. Specifically, she says her group shut down an unlicensed private security outfit called the Men in Black that was assaulting the homeless downtown. “They were not licensed to do this type of work. There were some lawsuits, and since then that group is no longer in operation there,” Morris explains.

The Men in Black no longer reign over public space in Detroit. But in the short time we’ve been in the city, we captured Gilbert’s Securitas private security guards on camera escorting a homeless woman from a public sidewalk to a less-visible side street nearby.

An off-the-books security operation enforcing the will of the Plutocracy, removing the undesirables so they can build out their luxury life as they see fit. And it’s called what? The Men in Black. Huh.

Read the full story to find out how the legal system has been co-opted too.

That’s it for now.

See you soon, Space Cowboys.