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Star Stuff: The Curious Boy Who Would Become Carl Sagan

Star Stuff is a short albeit powerful film written and directed by Ratimir Rakuljic, inspired by the life journey of Carl Sagan; from his start as a young Brooklyn boy wanting to learn more about those pale lights filling the night sky, who ended up becoming one of the most famous scientists and educators of our time.

The film takes inspiration from Cosmos’ Chapter VII, The Backbone of Night, in which Sagan recounts a trip he made to the library and how, when he asked the librarian for a volume about stars, she first returned with a book filled with pictures of celebrities like Clark Gable and Jean Harlow. When young Carl complained because this wasn’t what he had come for, the old librarian smiled and put in his hands a book that changed the course of his life forever –and, I daresay, also the lives of all the young minds who were influenced by Sagan’s lauded TV series and his books… myself included.

Hurrah to Ratimir. I really wouldn’t mind seeing this expanded into a full-length motion picture.

[H/T Laughing Squid]

    1. Indeed.
      Although I must say I had a slight caveat with the scene of the mean-looking kid reading a Superman comic book, since I perceived it as a criticism or belittling of pop culture. The reason I say thiss is because Sagan himself was HUGELY influenced by the reading of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars –where would we be nowadays if pioneers like him or Robert Goddard hadn’t been inspired by artists? 😉

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