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Last month was a busy one for me: I attended the so-called ‘Roswell slides reveal’ –a.k.a. beWITNESS– at the National Auditorium, and because of that a few of my podcasting friends asked me to come to their shows to share my impressions of that bizarre event. Hence, folks in the Fortean blogosphere probably suffered an overload of my thick Mexican accent.

While I enjoyed every single one of those radio discussions, by far the one that stood above them all was, ironically, the one which had absolutely NOTHING to do with that embarrasing UFOlogical circus: My friends Darren and Graham set up a fantastic round table discussion with myself, Skeptiko’s Alex Tsakiris and philosopher/pornstar Conner Habib. We discussed everything from Climate Change, Charlie Hebdo, Paradigm changes, why certain discussion subjects make people uncomfortable, and whether enlightened beings may have some things in common with psychopathic murderers –have I managed to pique your interest yet?

I think what appreciated the most about this long discussion, is the fact that it was an honest conversation between individuals who, although they respect each other, they don’t necessarily agree 100% with one another’s viewpoints. I for instance take a different stance than Alex’s when it comes to Climate Change –unfortunately problems with my Internet connection prevented me from laying out my full opinion on the subject– and as you’ll hear on the mp3 Alex showed a certain disagreement with Conner on a few points, particularly with how he seems to think that our aesthetic values play an important part in how we construct our view of the world, hence we should strive in ‘wanting to believe’ the things that would bring the most amount of love and compassion to our fellow men.

But here’s the thing that certains skeptics and debunkers seem to forget all too often: It’s OK to disagree, so long as you do so with courtesy; if a healthy amount of civility is maintained in a discussion –even a heated one– you might find yourself learning the things you thought to be so certain about are not as ‘set in stone’ as you once believed –hence the need of a high tolerance of uncertainty, as I mentioned at one point during the show.

Besides, can you imagine how BORING this world would be if everyone agreed with everyone else about everything? *Shudders*

Enjoy the show, and embrace your diversity of opinion!


PS: As some of you may now, I was terminated from my day job last week. As I try to regain my footing financially, and find a new path now that I’m no longer an ‘institutionalized man’, I’ll try to do an effort to keep myself involved with the Grail and my other niches on the interwebz. This Red Pill Junkie refuses to go gently into that good night!