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Pipe Guy: Low-tech Techno Music

It’s nice to know how once the next Carrington event drives our entire civilization to a post-Apocalyptic collapse, that even without electricity we’ll still be able to enjoy of some wicked techno beats at the Thunderdome; all thanks to a few PVC pipes, a pair of thongs* & a whole lotta insane talent:

Ginger Pipe Bro gets to be eaten last.

(*)Thongs: The Aussie term for flip-flops, because g’day mate!

[H/t Geekologie]

  1. Hmm….
    Well, I’m not planning on having much of a problem surviving when society returns to the pre-electric environment.

    I’ve spent the past 40 years working with American Civil War living history programs, even working for one summer as an 1850’s teacher in a one-room schoolhouse program. You learn what’s important, and what’s not. What absolutely needs to be done each day, and what can be done once a week or so.

    Certainly I can sew. I grow vegetables. I can hunt & fish, make jerky and salt fish. Mostly, the trick is hauling water from the river, about 1/4 mile away and finding a source of salt. I have at least two years worth of woods on my property for heating & cooking.

    Right now I have nice water and sewer thanks to the city mains, but when the electric goes out, all the water and sewer stops working too.

    Medicine will be dicey after the first year. We’ll have to work on contingency plans for that.

    But overall, we’ll be better off than most folks in the cities. Our own “city” is only about 9K people and still pretty rural. Good neighbors, too, and that helps a lot.

    Gonna be right interesting, though.

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