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Gracias, Ricardito! ojalรก se te haya quitado lo huevรณn ๐Ÿ˜‰

(thanks to Susan too)

Quote of the Day:

โ€œTo me, all creativity is magic. Ideas start out in the empty void of your head – and they end up as a material thing, like a book you can hold in your hand. That is the magical process. It’s an alchemical thing. Yes, we do get the gold out of it but that’s not the most important thing. It’s the work itself.โ€

~ Alan Moore

  1. “Yeow!”
    RPJ “Lee Spiegel is doing a yeoman’s work covering the proceedings.”

    Yes it must be very tiring having to tweet “Yo!” all day long for nearly a week.

  2. The Aquatic Ape Theory?
    What’s that RPJ the theory Spiderman got his amazing powers from a radioactive spider so Aquaman must’ve got his powers from being bitten by a drowned tick?

      1. With that “Time Crystals”
        With that “Time Crystals” post it must once again be time for me to beat my head against the notion that an atom could itself be a perpetuum mobile. I know, physicists say it is not because the instant work is extracted it changes state, but who in hell said anything about work? If even at zero point there is still a slight jitter then it has always seemed to me that an atom could be a perpetual motion thingy – not a machine because that implies work being done, but a perpetually motioning thingy. Ok, let’s further qualify it and say not perpetual but from the moment this universe banged into existence until the moment it collapses back into itself. Not perpetual exactly but a damn long time. Of course, in a sense the multiverse is a perpetual motion machine is it not in the sense that is forever multiplies itself without end while lots and lots of work is extracted in the mean time?

        1. The third Eye-ers
          Those photos of stylish looking new agers wearing those 3rd eye head bands is funny yes, but let me say that you can wear funny head gear like that and thereby do things fun and unusual to the brain. I am as put off as most everyone by the sight of fadists modeling their gear, but it is a cultural bias I am afraid. Those people may think trite thoughts and suck down most anything intellectual without examining in depth, but there is such a thing as a third eye head band that lights up the pineal gland and lets you see up the dress of that woman two houses down without even leaving your chair. No, I will not sell you mine.

          1. “Leave your mind-altering bling by the entrance”
            Maybe, but by going to that public event they gave the media the perfect excuse to portray the hearing as a freak show.

          2. That’s what they used to say
            That’s what they used to say about long haired hippies – they were “freaks.” Really, we most of us are quite conservative and take ourselves too seriously to tolerate people who are less inhibited or eccentric. the peer pressure to tolerate only “safe” eccentrics is intense – always has been. So called “flakey” people have a right to our respect too. Their behavior could turn out to be quite normal if new normals develop. trite or cliche prone people may simply be speaking from conviction. Sometime the unadorned and simple truth sounds too unintelligent to merit our respect, but we are also operating from intellectual convention and snobbery. I am lecturing myself here as much as addressing myself to others.

          3. Long haired freaky people need not apply
            Sorry, but I reserve for me the right to decide whether a story or claim seems plausible –or at least intriguing– and when it’s just pure baloney. Just because I’m open to extreme possibilities, like Agent Mulder used to say, doesn’t mean I’m required to give any New Agey trend equal opportunity.

            If that means I’m biased then so be it. Each of us draw our own mental lines differently.

            And with the hearing, it’s not only about exploring all avenues in order to try to find the truth about the phenomenon: There’s also the matter on HOW you present your case, in order to prove that it deserves further research. That’s why you begin building your case by showing the most solid evidence –in this case, the most trustworthy witnesses with the most impressive credentials. THEN you may progress to see if the dude with the wacky head band has something interesting to say.

            But as always in the UFO biz, for every step you take forward you end up taking two steps behind.

          4. Sometimes the “evidence”
            Sometimes the “evidence” isn’t available, but that should not stop people from being considered. I am also asked about what “evidence” there is that for instance orgonite has a powerful and unusual energy. Sorry, there is no evidence other than the subjective, and you are going to hear me stating subjective impressions, and if you walk away because I have no instrument readings (yet) then that’s your right, but it is also my right to state what I believe is going on without having to put up with ridicule and sniggering. Even schizophrenics deserve a hearing. Sometimes it’s the schizos that are out in front. Now what I don’t like is people who are confabulating and know they are. That is something else again. Liars area pain in the ass, but some of these people are not be deceptive. They are truly reporting their impressions. They deserve a hearing even if they sound shallow and trite.

          5. They deserve a hearing
            They are free to charter the National Press Club and have a hearing of their own.

  3. Cannibalism!
    Red Pill

    Cannibalism at Jamestown isn’t in United States History Textbooks; because, only half-truths are taught in public schools! Continuing on, Apple Pie is from Europe and fewer than 10 people signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4TH, 1776, probably only one person.

    Pumpkins and Tobacco are from the Americas! So, you can say as U.S. as Pumpkin Pie or as U.S. as Tobacco!

    1. Half truths
      IMO every country is guilty of teaching a very bland version of history in the classrooms. I was lucky to have had a very good teacher though, who made History one of my favorite classes.

      Her tests consisted of just 1 or 2 questions. But the trick was you needed to elaborate on an entire topic –like “describe medieval feudalism.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. You Had A Very Good Teacher!
        Red Pill,

        I wasn’t so very lucky. I take my hat off to your history teacher!!!

        My interest in history is natural! There very little that doesn’t interest me.

        1. The teaching of rote history
          The teaching of rote history in high schools is to me one of the greatest intellectual crimes perpetrated on children. What is normally a natural curiosity about the past become deadened and destroyed by the system. It is probably done so on purpose. I absolutely loathed history as taught in schools. It was like reading Cliff Notes.

          1. isolation
            The way I was taught history was by era and area. This and that happened in out town at such and such a date. Then we got older, and it went to a country wide thing, all chronologically again.

            If you are a local patriot, that is mildly interesting. But it is narrow minded – the stuff that happened in your town/country/continent is dependent on what happens in the rest of the world. It is dependent on global climate change, like solar cycles, big vulcanoes, you name it.

            We need to teach both the holistic view and the reductionist views. And we should not assume that our kids are stupid.

            We risk making them stupid by saturating them with entertainment today, but that is another topic for another day.

          2. Holistic & reductionist
            I think History class should always keep in mind that the subject deals about people. What people thought, hoped for but ultimately did. You need to help the student to get into the mindset of those long-gone ancestors in order to create a connection –i.e. that students give 2 f#$%s about them.

          3. I Agree With You; But,…
            Red Pill,

            I think that we should show the significance of the past as an influence on the future. We evolved to what we are from what we were. Without Blues and Country music, there is no Rock&Roll music. Without the Battle of Carcamish in 605 BCE, we can’t date most events in ancient history. It’s contemporary significances were that it replaced Egyptian influence with Babylonian influence in the middle east and it made the Persian Empire possible, modern day Iran.

          4. Good point
            Good point. Showing the implications of past events in our current era is a very important part of History.

          5. Thank-You!
            Red Pill

            We also need to replace the nice story that is acceptable with the naked truth in the classroom and encourage students to cross reference what they have been taught by their teachers.

          6. Nice story
            Well, my teachers were never shy about discussing the brutality of our ancestors. Things were nuanced when discussing the Revolution in grade school, but in high school my teachers discussed the complexity of that era at length.

            Mind you, I always studied in private schools, which didn’t necessarily follow the government’s curricula –although their program had to be sanctioned by the Ministry of Education.

            (And no, it’s not what you think. Things are different in Mexico, and public schools suck donkey balls).

          7. You Were Very Fortunate!
            Red Pill

            I studied in Donkey Ball suching public schools and educated myself in libraries!

          8. It’s not the school, it’s the student
            Look, if the student has a real passion for learning, then nothing will stop him or her, despite how crummy the school or teachers.

            Speaking of which, this video has just gone viral:


          9. I Agree With You!
            Red Pill

            I agree with the student in the vidio!! Most teachers, however, are told to give their students bull sh!t materials. The teacher needs to finness the situation by starting a dialogue about the bull sh!t material and quickly moving to relevant topics that will inspire the students! Talking with students outside of class helps also!

          10. I Agree With You!
            Red Pill

            That’s why most teachers shouldn’t be teaching! We need a different screening system for teachers. Teachers need to know their subject, care about students, be able to motivate their students, and teach their students to enjoy learning. One way to teach students to enjoy learning is to show them the practical application of what they are learning and why they need to learn it!!! This is one reason that I don’t like Liberal Arts. There is too much useless Philosophy and too little useful Practical Application taught in Liberal Arts. We need to know how to do things and why we do them. We outlaw things that we don’t want done to us, i.e. stealing, cheating, murder, etc.. Philosophy provides a practical way to understand other cultures, not the only way!!! I’ve never had a philosophy and I’ve never needed a philosophy!

          11. Philosophy
            I disagree. Philosophy is important because it tries to teach the kids not WHAT to think, but HOW to think. Applying logic to life is incredibly important.

            And Liberal arts are important too! Might be the only chance most of the students will have to try to express themselves creatively ๐Ÿ™‚

          12. You Are Missing My Point!
            Red Pill

            In practice, Philosophy is used to teach students what to think, not how to think! The origional intent of Liberal Arts and Philosophy was to teach people how to think, not to let principles do their thinking for them!

            In the present day, Philosophy and Liberal Arts are used to corrupt young minds! Furthermore, Liberal Arts never was very practical. Regardless of whatever else university students study, they should be required to learn a practical trade before they are allowed to graduate.

            Personally, I’m not Liberal Arts; but, I think that you are Liberal Arts. I’m Behavioral Sciences and,as we say, “The best man is a tradesman!”:) There is nothing wrong with creativity; but, most of the time, it won’t generate enough income to pay the bills and put food on the table. It is better, in my opinion, to learn practical skills also! Liberal arts courses could still be available; but, either Behavioral Sciences or Practical Sciences are better in my opinion! For example, I’m an Economics Major from a Behavioral Sciences Department. My degree is 80% applied Behavioral Psychology with a focus on economics; but, I have also studied many Liberal Arts Courses from a Behavorial Sciences perspective! And in the process, I have learned to think critically, not what to think!!!

          13. Practical skills
            30 years ago learning about computers wasn’t very practical, and today the biggest fortunes of the planet were derived from computers.

            So, you might say now that learning computer science is a very practical skill. But perhaps in 30 years it will be as useful as learning how to make papier mache figures.

            The past has never been a good indication of the future.

            Paying the bills is important, but so is encouraging young people to follow their passion –says the man who can’t afford to buy a new car ๐Ÿ˜›

          14. It’s that minor detail about
            It’s that minor detail about teaching kids not to repeat the mistakes of the past that really counts.

          15. We Are Viewing This From Two Different Cultural Perspectives!
            Red Pill

            I’m viewing this from a Japanese/German Cultural perspective that balances individualism with the needs of society! Your cultural perspective seems to place much more emphasis on individualism than on the needs of society.

            This is a good chance to understand the differences in our cultural perspectives in my opinion. From my perspective, what I’m advocating would not prevent individuals from following their passions.

          16. Vasconcelos
            Back in the days of the Revolution, Josรฉ Vasconcelos became the Minister of Education. President Obregรณn wanted to institute an educational system that taught craft skills to the children, because he thought the country needed more carpenters, electricians & farmers.

            But Vasconcelos had a completely different idea: he wanted to bring culture to the masses. He wanted to open theaters & concert halls, he wanted farmers to learn philosophy & poetry. His vision influenced the course of public education in Mexico for many decades.

            You can see how Obregon had a point: he wanted prosperity for the nation. But In the end I guess I support Vasconcelos more. People have a right to climb beyond the class the were born into if they choose to do so.

          17. People Should Expand Their Horrizons Through Education!
            Red Pill

            But,in my opinion, farmers, craftspeople, engineers, scientists, etc. are the most important people in society; because, society can’t survive without them! This is one reason that I prefer the Behavioral Sciences and Applied Sciences approach to education. These approaches teach a unified reality which shows the direct or indirect relationship that exists all things. Unified reality tends to blur class distinctions! Whereas, Liberal Arts teaches a compartmentalized reality that tends to emphasize class distinctions. Furthermore, Liberal Arts doesn’t teach the relationships that exist between things. Learning a unified reality does a much better job of teaching people how to think in my opinion.

            Up until the last 170 years or so, farmers were the upper class. And, within the next 30 years farmers will be the upper class! In Japan, the Shoguns controlled farm lands and so did Julius Ceasar. The land is the only real wealth! They don’t call it Real Estate for nothing! But, Gold, Silver, etc. are nice also!

          18. We Need To Agree To Disagree About This!
            Red Pill

            But, this is the type of dialogue that helps us to get to know each other! Poetry expresses beauty and feeling; but, much more often than not, it blinds people to reality! Whereas, what I’m suggesting emphasizes reality. In any case, I think that this is a very healthy dialogue!

          19. Agreed
            It’s been interesting & informative ๐Ÿ˜‰
            …But you’re still wrong.
            Kidding! ๐Ÿ˜›

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