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News Briefs 01-11-2012

George Lucas's calaverita was especially sweet this year.

Thanks to Rick & Kat. And thanks to the Twitterverse, for evaporating the last remnants of my work productivity.

Quote of the Day:

"I believe in intuition and inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research"

~Albert Einstein

    1. I like Icke?
      It’s difficult to dislike the guy, even though I have really hard time buying a tenth of what he says.

      But I think that, boiled down, his core message, which is ultimately gnostic in nature, makes perfect sense to me.

      1. David Icke: I admire him and his work
        You see; may be you desire to play it safe, but I and many others wholeheartedly accept David Icke as a person (scholar and free thinker) who uncovers a lot of so-called conspiracies, decode symbolism, debunk myths that includes religion. He invites others to think outside the box and provides tremendous documentation. He offers much more than a Gnostic perspective; here are two schools of thought occult and esoteric in which he delves. You see fear restrains and constrains, but being a truth teller it relinquishes you from the type of contradictory comments that you have made relative to David Icke.

        Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
        Fahim A. Knight-El

        1. Maybe
          But then again, I’m trying to maintain a centered attitude towards not only Icke but a lot of other things in the Fortean world.

          And that attitude requires never fully committing to any specific theory or explanation.

          Because my problem with him and other researchers is that they take their ideas too literally.

          Or, you could simply say his schtick doesn’t ‘resonate’ with me 😉

          1. Remaining in the Center
            I think most scholars are definitely in the business of taking their work, research, and ideas literally (unless you are delving into the literal world of fiction). How else can you take truth, in particular if the research or idea has passed certain rigor academic or intellectual standards? David Icke has a serious international following and he has decided to take not a centered position, but he is allowing his research to determine the course of not shaping a safe reality, but challenging the norms, traditions, myths, etc., of this world’s order by exposing the hidden agenda of the New World Order, One World Government and the Illuminati. I think some time we can sill remain objective (if that is what you mean about maintaining a ‘centered attitude’) and stand decisively on the principles of truth. I admire his courage to tell the truth.

            Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
            Fahim A. Knight-El

          2. Again, maybe
            Or maybe his propagation of these wild ideas re. the Satanic blood sacrifices undertaken by the European royal houses and George Bush’s partners is *just* part of the secret government’s agenda, and he’s just being a useful stooge 😉

            Maybe the agendas he’s uncovering are the product of his imagination. Or… he’s filling the gaps with his on fantasies, even if the core message is truthful –i.e. we’re being denied to perceive the real nature of the world.

          3. No They are not Wild Stories
            Many do not see David Icke’s views as wild ideas; if so, no wilder than the Europeans who stole the Native Americans land in North and South America and justified their imperialism by calling the Native Americans savages and heathens and depicting these highly civilized people as being sub-human (murdering them in the name Christianity). Moreover, this was taught in American history and western civilization and in traditional American classrooms as part of the pedagogy. They taught a Eurocentric worldview that Africa was the ‘dark continent’ who was waiting to be civilized by the Europeans. I can give more examples of lies, half-truths and distortions that had become the norm in America academia and were taught from primary to secondary schools as the truth (I was a victim of that type learning and education and that is why I have fought so hard to debunk my American mis-education). The Christopher Columbus lie and many other “wild stories” became the standard of learning in the United States (outright lies and wild stories). America is the King Pin of telling lies and justifying wild ideas. But you are trying pullout selective views of David Icke in order to discredit him as a solid researcher. Yes, there are blood oaths and secret rituals that are carried out within the circle of the Dynastic families. Thus, David Icke is right on point.

            Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
            Fahim A. Knight-El

          4. Discredit him
            [quote]America is the King Pin of telling lies and justifying wild ideas. But you are trying pullout selective views of David Icke in order to discredit him as a solid researcher.[/quote]

            I’m not trying to discredit him. I’m merely pointing out my personal caveats with his theories, and people can take their own conclusions.

            I could also point out other things about him with make me scratch my head. Like the fact that his main idea is that we need to choose love over materialism, yet at the same time has no qualms whatsoever in organizing a 5000-attendee event on Wembley stadium, at about $80-$100 dollars a seat. Yep, that’ll show The Man…

          5. He Deserves Every Penny
            If David Icke commands those type ticket sells, I am not angry with him because unlike most scholars he has something to offer other than outdated theories and repetitive mumbo jumbo safe rhetoric (in fact he is working and not begging). I would rather pay him a decent and healthy honorarium than pay the church or some religious leader or organization 10% tithes who aren’t saying anything, but hustling and pimping their ignorant following. Some professors/scholars/politicians make six figure incomes as public intellectuals.

            Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
            Fahim A. Knight-El

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