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Paradigm Symposium FTW!!!

  • TSA quietly removes X-ray body scanners from major US airports. And BTW America: can I have my favorite Pearl Jam cap back?
  • How humans spread out of Africa 60,000 years ago. I can almost see Philip Coppens’ eyes rolling while wearily shaking his head…
  • Canals transported stone blocks for Angkor construction. You mean it wasn’t done by… Levitation???
  • The Spaceships of the prophet Ezekiel: Because when Von Däniken says that ‘Nasa’ supported his AA theories, he forgot to mention it was *only* this one guy –and he initially sought to DEBUNK him.
  • Nick Redfern explores the mystery behind the automobiles of the MIB –Complete with air bags, ABS & cloaking capacity! Go visit your nearest interdimensional agency.
  • No one is reading this by coincidence: Hidden Experience interview with Canadian Ufologist extraordinaire Grant Cameron.
  • During an inspiring speech, Lana Wachowski explained how, as a young adult, she was prevented to commit suicide by a man who wandered onto an empty subway platform where Wachowski was standing. Because The Matrix, that’s why!
  • Every 10,000 years the super-massive black hole in our galaxy knocks a star out of the park. Maybe that’s a super-sentient being’s way of having fun?
  • War of the Worlds gone weird: How to prevent that our manned missions to Mars accidentally kill all life on our sister planet.
  • Best Fall photos of Northern Lights –maybe not so ‘Northern’ if my personal theory about the return of Kukulcan turns out to be right…
  • Ale-ale-HANdro! Lady Gaga immortalized in ferns that grow in Central, South America, Mexico, Arizona & Texas. I wonder if those ferns are entheogenic also…
  • Red pill of the day: A man wants to build a full-size replica of the Millennium Falcon –complete with interior. Let’s kickstart this, Internet!!!

Thanks to Rick & to Perceval who filled in for me last week.
And also thanks to Micah & Scotty, Chris & Matt, Lulu, Ben & Aaron, Nick, Candy & Kasey, Darren & Graham, Dr. John Ward (esquire), Cassidy & Rainy, Phillip & his papá, Jenny & her mom, Cuervo, Jacob, Greg, David, and all the many wonderful people I met in Minneapolis (I’m so sorry I forgot your names!) who helped make Paradigm Symposium THE event of the FRAKING millennium.

See you next year, amigos. And remember: I don’t know, therefore LEVITATION 😉

Quote of the Day

“All major changes are like death. You can’t see what is on the other side until you get there.”

~Excerpt from the novel Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton.