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If you're fans of Mysterious Universe, or the Gralien Report podcast, then you're probably aware by now of the conference that my friend Micah Hanks and Intrepid magazine's Scotty Roberts are preparing in Minneapolis this coming October.

The Paradigm Symposium will feature special guests such as Erich Von Däniken, Giorgio Tsoukalos —of "I don't know, therefore aliens" fame— and many others, including TDG's friends Nick Redfern and Philip Coppens. And if you were thinking of attending, but were holding back due to a lack of funds, then I've got good news for you:

Today Wednesday 22nd, The Paradigm Symposium will be offering a special 2×1 deal for their Big tickets (US $249), which grant you access to all the lectures, including the opening and closing ceremonies. This offering will be available for 24 hours beginning at 12 o'clock PM (CST), so you'd better not waste anytime and reserve your tickets now.

I'll be looking forward to greeting all the attending Grailers at Minneapolis —you won't miss me: I'll be the big guy wearing a red luchador mask 😉