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Minnesota here I come!

  • The Voynich manuscript was discovered in 1912. Let’s celebrate 100 years of cluelessness.
  • Cosmic Noms: Black hole caught eating a star.
  • Planets are for N00bs! Amateur astronomers scour the skies to catch a glimpse of spy satellites.
  • At last! Binnall of America’s Season 7 begins –with its traditional premiere guest, parapolitical expert extraordinaire Jim Marrs
  • The doctors who worked so frantically the day JFK was assassinated are growing old and dying –blame the lone reaper.
  • How to hide secrets in a porn video the Al Qaeda way –and no, I don’t mean that old shoe box you think nobody has found in your closet.
  • California treasure hunter claims he’s found Osama’s body. Of all the mysteries the oceans keep hidden under their waters…
  • Glass pyramids submerged in the Bermuda Triangle? Probably built by an Atlantean Liberace.
  • 17 ‘lost’ cities that you can still visit –if you don’t get lost yourself, that is.
  • Results may vary: Woman who claimed to only eat light found starved to death.
  • If you want to stop the mental health industry from medicalizing problems that aren’t medical, join Occupy the APA next Saturday.
  • Is Nessie a monster or a ghost? Now that would make an interesting script for Ghostbusters 3.
  • If you think Tyrannosaurs were scary, imagine the dino-fleas that sucked them dry of blood.
  • Muggles rejoice: Harry Potter inspires device that literally spells out what blood type you are.
  • “A tiger? In Africa Ohio?”: More tigers in the US backyards than in wild globally.
  • Red pill of the day: Missiles could be stationed on rooftops during London Olympics. It could make for a rather innovative method to light the cauldron –just sayin’…

Thanks to Rick & Susan.

Quote of the Day:

“The outrageous is the reasonable, if introduced politely. “

~Charles Fort.