News Briefs 26-04-2012

To teach if we are called upon
To be taught if we are fortunate.

  • Timothy Ferris, producer of Voyager’s golden record, ponders upon the never-ending journey of his creation [More].
  • Finding ET may require giant robotic leap –and taking notes from Clarke’s books…
  • UFO lands in the White House, and out comes a bald slim humanoid –oh, wait! it’s just Nick Redfern.
  • Interview with Greg ‘Space Brother’ Bishop.
  • MIB security camera video debunked?
  • DARPAnana split: hypersonic prototype crashed in 2011 because its skin peeled off.
  • How to build a real-life time machine –grab a pencil: this is heavy stuff.
  • Spritualism and Ouija boards in Mexico.
  • Last missing fragment from the Egyptian Book of the Dead discovered in Queensland by “Dr. Taylor.” How FORTuitous.
  • Nessie caught on sonar?
  • Playful Sasquatches build sturdy stick structures to pass the time when they are not busy avoiding hairless monsters with boom sticks.
  • Not-so-playful Sasquatch hunters build flimsy lawsuits against Matt Moneymaker & Cryptomundo when they are not busy not finding Sasquatch.
  • Ancient viruses from the dinosaur era still thrive in our genes. Talking hoarding to a *whole* new level…
  • Hungry hungry hippos humans: Ever since we started scavenging the plains of Africa 2.5 million years ago, we’ve eaten our way to the top of the food chain.
  • Did climate change shape human evolution? So that might explain things: we’re a nostalgic species.
  • Red pill of the day: California governor will no longer be briefed about Australia’s annual kangaroo harvest reports. I bet that was Ah!nold’s favorite day at the office.

Thanks Rick.

Quote of the day:

“Send more Chuck Berry

Steve Martin’s suggested response of an alien race
after they find Voyager’s golden record.

  1. Real-life time machine
    Very entertaining

    Ultra capacitors aren’t exactly top secret, but it sounds cool and technical especially the “THIS IS NOT A JOKE” warning. hehe

    [quote]Strangely, she never returned to our group again, nor did I ever hear from her again either.[/quote]

    Obviously she was sent back to Omicron Persei 8 or got the “ice pick” at the base of the skull.

    I think this was an article on, if it wasn’t it should be. 😛

    1. Dr. Barry Taff
      Dr. Taff’s has made a lot of interesting research in the areas of parapsychology, and his theories regarding poltergeist activity and haunted houses are fascinating.

      That said, some of his ideas re. UFOs seem too… uncritical.

      But I found this time-travel recipe interesting, particularly because this encounter with the Asian woman was in the mid 70s, and I just finished reading the final installment of the Caballo de Troya series, which deals with an alleged time-traveling secret project that was carried out in 1973. Hardly conclusive evidence, I know, but it was a nice synchronicity 😉

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