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To teach if we are called upon
To be taught if we are fortunate.

  • Timothy Ferris, producer of Voyager’s golden record, ponders upon the never-ending journey of his creation [More].
  • Finding ET may require giant robotic leap –and taking notes from Clarke’s books…
  • UFO lands in the White House, and out comes a bald slim humanoid –oh, wait! it’s just Nick Redfern.
  • Interview with Greg ‘Space Brother’ Bishop.
  • MIB security camera video debunked?
  • DARPAnana split: hypersonic prototype crashed in 2011 because its skin peeled off.
  • How to build a real-life time machine –grab a pencil: this is heavy stuff.
  • Spritualism and Ouija boards in Mexico.
  • Last missing fragment from the Egyptian Book of the Dead discovered in Queensland by “Dr. Taylor.” How FORTuitous.
  • Nessie caught on sonar?
  • Playful Sasquatches build sturdy stick structures to pass the time when they are not busy avoiding hairless monsters with boom sticks.
  • Not-so-playful Sasquatch hunters build flimsy lawsuits against Matt Moneymaker & Cryptomundo when they are not busy not finding Sasquatch.
  • Ancient viruses from the dinosaur era still thrive in our genes. Talking hoarding to a *whole* new level…
  • Hungry hungry hippos humans: Ever since we started scavenging the plains of Africa 2.5 million years ago, we’ve eaten our way to the top of the food chain.
  • Did climate change shape human evolution? So that might explain things: we’re a nostalgic species.
  • Red pill of the day: California governor will no longer be briefed about Australia’s annual kangaroo harvest reports. I bet that was Ah!nold’s favorite day at the office.

Thanks Rick.

Quote of the day:

“Send more Chuck Berry

Steve Martin’s suggested response of an alien race
after they find Voyager’s golden record.