News Briefs 09-02-2012

Take me down to Paradigm city
where the aliens are green, & the Hadels are pretty
Take me hooome!

Big, BIG thanks to Rick

Quote of the Day:

“For approximately 500 years [science’s] argument for its pre-eminence was that it could create beautiful toys: aircraft, railroads, global economies, television, spacecraft. But that is a fool’s argument for truth! I mean, that’s after all how a medicine show operates, you know: the juggler is so good, the medicine must be even better! This is not an entirely rational way to proceed.”

~Terence McKenna

  1. On multicellular lifes “improbability”
    Well, what a load of bullsnot.

    IF conditions exist on a planet, somewhere, to spawn the [true] miracle of self-replicating “life”, be it first at the proto-cell level, then eventually a full single-cell phenoms, there is no known process that would prevent the cells from competing, from congregating, from coalescing into symbiotic (and thermodynamically more competitive) accretions. Nothing.

    MULTICELLULAR life, once single-cellular life evolves, is at its core inevitable.

    That said, what is absolutely not inevitable is the rise of high-intelligence life. Like it as not, our incredibly closely-studied biotic world has produced less than a hundred threads of highly intelligent life (I’m willing to expand the sphere of intelligence to include [ ravens, dolphins and whales, elephants, primates, ] and insofar as we know, only one species not just comfortable with abstract object reasoning, but masterful at it. Out of millions, and over historic timescales, maybe even billions of species differentiations, rises, and falls.

    Yet the archaelogical findings themselves support, without anthropocentritarian prejudice, the unstoppable succession of species, except when obliterated by dumbass cosmic projectiles from the Heavens. And in the succession, there also appears to be specialization (“niches”), as well as addition. The evolutionary record is remarkably bereft of examples of retrograde evolution, evolution to an older, simpler form.

    Perhaps even symbolically-abstract masterhood becomes an inevitable in the evolutionary cycle, given enough time, a planet that supports luxurious bounty, and a peaceful, predictable star to keep the entropic-cascade well powered near an optimal median most of the time.

    Yes, the pessimism of this “Scientist” is breathtakingly out of touch with the statistical improbabilities that our own biosphere and its long evolution presents. One almost could imagine that he’d be on the side of “Hand of God did it!” (Not that that is impeachable … just with what we know, laughably archæic.)

    G o a t G u y

    1. High-Intelligence life
      I share your scorn with the guy who made those claims. I suspect he locked himself in the basement in the 1950s, and he faints every time he sees an iPad πŸ˜‰

      Re. high-intelligence life, I think we still have to deal with the issue of defining what intelligence really is, and in what ways high-intelligence stands out from low-intelligence.

      Does high intelligence imply necessarily a technological civilization like ours?

      And let’s not forget that for a great chunk of our history, we were sharing the planet with other intelligent species β€”our cousins the Neanderthals, H. Erectus, H. Floresiensis, Denisovans, etc. One could argue that Nature tested many options to find out which would become the ultimate steward of Earth.

      And lastly, I’m sure this dude’s Panspermist colleagues rolled their eyes while reading that article πŸ˜‰

  2. Evolution Is Very Interesting!
    Red Pill,

    Brain development is certainly part of evolution. Many researchers have come to believe that we have come to be the way we are today through a process called hybredization. There are no Neanderthals; but, we have Neanderthal genes. Recent studies have also shown that Neanderthals were our intellectual equals in every sense! We are simply a synthesis of humanoids that came before us!

    Note: There are small populations of Mamoths on islands around Alaska and Siberia; but, nobody wants hunters and/or overly curious tourists. And there are probably some Mamoths in isolated areas on the mainland in Alaska and Siberia.

    1. Mammoths
      Nobody wants tourists? they have money to spend! that’s why they are planning to open a Pleistocene Park in the taiga πŸ˜‰

      I’m skeptical of mammoths surviving to this day. Back in their apogee, they needed to make long seasonal migrations to survive. Being stuck on an island, I imagine they’d eventually run out of food.

      1. I Think That They Still Sell Mammoth Steaks In Alaska!
        Red Pill,

        I know that they were selling them in the 1970’s. They claimed that they were dead mammoths that they dug out of the permafrost. Don’t count on it!

  3. Paradigm City
    Nice one! Now I have the song stuck in my head. I always get the lyrics mixed up and sing the Captain Kirk version. Take me down to Paradigm City, where the girls are green and the grass is pretty…

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