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News Briefs 22-12-2011

We wish you a Graily Xmas
We wish you a Graily Xmas
We wish you a Graily Xmas
And a happy Baktun! ♪♫

Feliz Navidad to all my Grailer homies!

Quote of the Day:

“The universe is an intelligence test.”

Timothy Leary.

  1. All riled up with no place to go…
    Re: “Was a UFO hauled through the streets of Kansas city?”

    Was mostly… nay, wholly unimpressed with the way this story was abused by the media. A few of the headliners that caught my eye…

    So what was the ‘UFO’ that panicked Kansas?

    X-47B Drone Strikes UFO Panic Among Kansas Residents

    This has been one of those concepts often cited as being behind the stonewalling of genuine information on the subject; the public would fly into a panic if confronted with little green men from outer space. And one reason that could happen in some small portion of the public is in the way it is presented.

    Of course, Hollywood gives us movies like Battle: Los Angeles and Independence Day, not just to sooth our rattled nerves but also because we really love to pay to see aliens being blasted.

    When referencing the media stories listed above, there’s almost what could be called an obvious effort to convey a prescribed panic to the population…

    “What, then, might one think of the explanations being offered to the poor, frightened people of Cowley County in Kansas?”

    “Last week, residents were riled up when some captured video of the military towing the concealed “UFO” on a flatbed truck down US Highway 77.”

    Frightened? Riled up?

    The programming of the public goes on; we are trained to fear fleeting shadows and go running to our… dear leaders, for protection.

    Coming soon: A global Patriot Act-like set of rules that allows the eavesdropping, email snooping and butt-sniffing of those who investigate aerial phenomenon?

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