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London, Chile, Israel, woes of economic doom… why does 11 have to pave the way of change through such harsh methods?

  • Secularism and its discontents.
  • Blue shark found in New Hampshire woods.
  • Do Tayras plan for the future?
  • Self-assembling minirobots swim and manipulate objects.
  • Jackie Onassis believed LBJ killed JFK.
  • Welcome to phase space.
  • Dark streaks guide search for life on Mars.
  • Anthropologist believes he has found British Columbia village that may be 10000 years old.
  • Meteor explosion surprises Pacific island nation of Niue.
  • The world of blind mathematicians.

Thanks Jameske

Quote of the Day:

“Change is not merely necessary to life — it is life.”

Alvin Toffler