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A few weeks ago I suggested an annual ‘voluntary subscription’ to The Daily Grail to help keep the site running, evolving, and independent. As the month comes to an end, I thought it worth posting one more time for those that missed it.

I don’t do this frivolously. I can only say, as a guy with the experience of running a website almost non-stop for 12 years, that this sort of crowd-funding model is either the future of the internet, or the independent internet will soon be dead. The time and expense involved is considerable, and cannot be absorbed by a guy with a wife and three kids forever. If you can’t afford a $5 donation for a year of daily updates (seriously?), you can do other things to help the site. Support any of the sponsors who purchase banner space by checking out their wares if they are of interest. Put links to The Daily Grail or our articles on your site, email them to your friends, or post them to Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s the link through which you can send a secure, voluntary subscription to The Daily Grail via PayPal (either using a PayPal account, or using credit card/bank account details):

(edit 11th May 2011: the button has now been removed due to a change in PayPal account)

Apathy sucks. Show some passion and support the good things in the world.