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News Briefs 09-09-2010

It’s a mad, mad world.

Hoy toca, Germán.

Quote of the Day:

“Men of broader intellect know that there is no sharp distinction betwixt the real and the unreal; that all things appear as they do only by virtue of the delicate individual physical and mental media through which we are made conscious of them; but the prosaic materialism of the majority condemns as madness the flashes of super-sight which penetrate the common veil of obvious empiricism.”

H.P. Lovecraft. The Tomb (1917).

  1. Fire Tornados…….
    Actually, we’ve known how they work, and how to create them, for quite some time.

    During WWII, the fire-bombings of Dresden and Hamburg were designed to create this very phenomenon. Surveys to find the medieval areas of the city, which could be rubbled and turned into tinder via daylight bombings, were matched with meteorological data regarding wind and temperature formations, and then followed by night time bombing with incendiaries mixed with high-explosive in order to create a fire tornado or hurricane.

    Similar planning went into the fire-raids of Tokyo and Osaka, and other minor Japanese cities.

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